§ Lesson 50 New Year resolutions 新年的决心

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●resolution n. 决心
●mentally adv. 内心里
●compile  v. 编辑,编制
●formidable adj. 令人畏惧的
●recur v. 再发生,又出现
●regularity n. 规律性
●accomplishment n. 成就
●attainment n. 达到
●inveterate adj. 根深蒂固的
●self-improvement n. 自我完善
●scheme n. 简单的计划,方案
●ambitious adj. 雄心勃勃的
●pitfall n. 意外的困难,易犯的错误
●modest adj. 要求不过分的
●assiduously adv. 刻苦地
●self-discipline n. 自我约束
●frame n. 躯体
●betray v. 暴露,显露
●troop v. 成群结队地走动
●unsettle v. 使不安
●taunt n. 嘲笑,奚落人的话
●jibe n. 嘲弄,挖苦
●good-humouredly adv. 和气地,心情好地
●wane v. 逐渐变小,变弱
●diminish v. 减少,缩小
●hypnotize v. 使欲睡,使蒙胧
●undoing n. 祸根,毁灭的原因
●screen n. 电视机屏幕

◆resolution n. 决心
1. the quality of being resolute / formal decision 决心,决议
  take resolution to do sth. / make up one’s mind to do sth.
be determined to do sth. / decide to do sth.
resolve / resolve to do sth.
resolve sb. on sth. 使某人做某事
Eg: Before we came here, we resolved to learn English hard.
I resolved him on English study.
Nobody resolved him on this decision. 没有人使他做这样的决定。
resolute adj. 坚决的,果断的
resolution / resolve / resolute
Eg: We must be true in word and resolute in deed. 我们必须是言必信,行必果。

◆mentally adv. 内心里
◆compile  v. 编辑,编制
compile / edit vt.
compile: collect information and arrange in a book (great book / dictionary )
edit: collect information and arrange in newspaper or magazine
Eg: The editor is busing editing the newspaper.

◆formidable adj. 令人畏惧的
◆recur v. 再发生,又出现
recur v.
occor: happen
occur to
A good idea occurred to me. / It occurred to him that he should open the door.
recur: occur again
incur: vt. 导致,招致,造成 ( lead to / result in / give rise to / cause)
Eg: Air pollution incurs some terrible dissease.

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◆regularity n. 规律性
◆accomplishment n. 成就
◆attainment n. 达到
accomplish 成功地达到目的
accomplish one’s purpose / goal / dream / aim /work / task
He accomplished his journey.
attain one’s ambition
get sccess / attain success
achieve : 达到一定目的时的表现及努力
Eg: This is what he achieved after ten years of hard work.
treasure / cherish / volue / prize 珍惜
Eg: We always cherish what we have achieved.
I feel very happy because you accomplish your dream.
accomplishment: 成就(修养,才艺,本领方面)
attainment 获得,得到
Eg: Such accomplishment is beyond your attainment.
His attainment is beyond my understanding.
His accomplishment is unexpected to me.
achievement / accomplishment
attain to / attain
attain to : 某人希望达到的成就
attain: 某人已经达到的成就
Eg: He has attained heights that I can never attain to.
This is the height that I hope to attain to.
This is the height that I have attained.

◆inveterate adj. 根深蒂固的
◆self-improvement n. 自我完善
◆scheme n. 简单的计划,方案
◆ambitious adj. 雄心勃勃的
Eg: Everybody in the modern society must be ambitious.
If you work hard, you can attain your ambition.

◆pitfall n. 意外的困难,易犯的错误
◆modest adj. 要求不过分的
Eg: I make New Year resolution and I think them modest.