L52-04  end  12’29”
Lesson52A  end  42:29

Lesson52B  begin  39:06
L52-05  begin  12’10”

背熟:If you expressed doubt or surprise
背熟:This brief experiment would dispel any further doubts you might have.
brief:  简单的  simple
does 用来加强语气
背熟:How Harry came into the possession of this outlandish stuff makes an interesting story which he is fond of relating.
come into the possession of sth. 获得的过程
Eg: How harry married his beautiful wife makes an interesting story. 哈里是怎么样娶了这样一位漂亮的妻子还有一段有趣的故事。
he is fond of relating == he is fond of talking about
stuff==material == substance
furthermore == what is more == moreover
背熟:the acquisition of this bottle cured him of a bad habit he had been developing for years.
own habits by heart 积习难改,本性难移

背熟:Harry used to consider it a great joke to go into expensive cosmetic shops and make outrageous requests for goods that do not exist.
consider it a great joke to do sth. 把做某事看作是巨大的乐趣
consider it great fun
consider it great amusement
consider it a great joy

He would invent fanciful names on the spot. == He would invent names imaginable on the sopt.
on the sopt 当场,当时
on entering a shop== as soon as he enters a shop

背熟:he would pretend to be considerably put out.
pretend to do 装做......
put out == upset == annoy
Eg: He was put out by my rude words.
imaginary 虚构的,想象的
out of stock 脱销

L52-05  end  12’10”

L52-06  begin  (56-03)  13’29”

背熟:he would faithfully promise to call again at some future date
faithfully permise 信誓旦旦地说
at some future date == some day == one day

背熟:How Harry managed to keep a straight face during these performances is quite beyond me.
keep a straight face == keep serious
is quite beyond me == is quite beyond my understanding == is quite beyond my imagination

keep sth. on permanent display 永远展示,陈列
Eg: We don’t know how he came into ( the ) possession of the farm.

Paragraph 3
You needn’t encourage him to explain his story.
of his own accord 自然而然地,相当于willingly

背熟:Harry does not need to be prompted to explain
exclusive shop: only wealthy people can visit such expensive shop
exclusive right to publish their stories
exclusive: 独家的,独占的;不相容的
The school is exclusive.
exclusive shop 专售高档商品的商店

背熟:the shop assistant looked puzzled and Harry repeated the word,slowly stressing each syllable.
puzzled 茫然不知所措
stressing 加重每一个音节

go on to do sth. 继续做别的事情
cat-like; dog-like
amber-like 象琥珀一样的
be used to do 被用来干 ......
be used to doing 习惯于做......

背熟:This explanation evidently conveyed something to the woman who searched shelf after shelf.
shelf after shelf == one shelf after another
produced == showed
He produced a cigaret to me. 他拿出了一颗烟给我。

背熟:She produced all sorts of weird concoctions, but none of them met with Harry's requirements.
meet with sb’s requirments / need 满足某人的需要
requirments == demands

When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed
put on his act of doing 装模作样
put on == pretend
Eg: She said that she felt ill, but she was just putting it on.
He put on the act of understanding me / what I said. 他装出理解我的话的样子。
He pretends to be wealthy.
He put on an act of being wealthy.

L52-06  end  13’29”

L52-07  begin  13’35”

背熟:Intoxicated by his success, Harry then asked for perfumed mud.

in blank astonishment 茫然惊奇地

背熟:However, it was his turn to be surprised, for the woman's eyes immediately lit up and she fetched several bottles which she placed on the counter for Harry to inspect.
surprised == amazed 惊奇地
Eg: The custom officer’s face lit up as soon as he saw the tiny bottle on the bottom of my suitcase.
inspect ==choose == select
admit defeat == take a beating 认输
My aunt Harriet found piles of bottles of all shapes and sizes in what had been Bessie’s wordrobe.
what was in those days enlighted policy 当时所谓的开明政策
seemed to be == looked like

discreet 言行小心

背熟:He was glad to get away with a mere twenty pounds and he beat a hasty retreat,
不定式to 表示原因
retreat 撤退
beat a retreat 溜走
hasty == speedy
Eg: He left the shop as quickly as possible.

Eg: I got away with pricious chalk marks on my luggage. (L11)
pay the price 付出代价

‘The curious bottle, which now adorns the bookcase in his study, was his first and last purchase of rare cosmetics.’
Eg: The girl studies English well who lives in my neighbourhood.
The girl, who lives in my neighbourhood, studies English well.

admit defeat 认输
beat a hasty retreat 匆忙溜掉
stress each syllable 加强音节
in bewilderment
in blank astonishment

L52-07  end  13’35” (Lesson52B  end  39:06  Lesson52  end  1:21:35