§ Lesson 53 :In the public interest 为了公众的利益

[New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●evolve v. 逐渐形成
●high-handed adj. 高压的,专横的
●incompetent adj. 不够格的,不称职的
●over-zealously adv. 过分热情地
●safeguard v. 保护
●parliamentary adj. 国会的
●qalified adj. 合格的
●grievance n. 不平,冤屈
●Justiteombudsman n. (瑞典的)司法特派员
●ombudsman n. (瑞典和英国的)司法特派员
●secretive adj. 保密的
●correspondence n. 来往信件
●alter v. 改变
●accusation n. 谴责,指控
●ascertain v. 查出,查明
●prejudiced adj. 有偏见的,不公平的
●prompt adj. 即时的

◆evolve v. 逐渐形成
vt. develop gradually
Eg: He has developed / evolved a new system for running the factory.
evolve a system for doing sth.
Man has evolved from the ape. 人类是从类人猿进化而来的。(演化)
evolve from
evolution 发展,演变
Eg: The evolution isn’t unexpected.
-ism / socialism / evolutionism 进化论
evolutionist 进化论者
evolutional 发展的, 进化的
resolve (L50) / resolve to do sth. 下定决心做某事
resolution / revolve
Eg: The earth is round, and every day and night it is revolving.
involve vt. 卷入,牵涉 / be involved in
Eg: He is involved in the case.

◆high-handed adj. 高压的,专横的
◆incompetent adj. 不够格的,不称职的
competent: having ability / qualification to do sth.
be competent to do sth.
be competent for sth.
qualified / fit
Eg: He is competent / qualified / fit for the job.
incompetent / unfit
competent: sufficient / enough adequate
Eg: He has a competent knowledge of French.
He is competent to teach the language.
competnece / qualification for / to
the competence for / to
Eg: He has the ability to do the job.
He has the capability / capacity of doing the job.
He has the competence to do / for the job.

◆over-zealously adv. 过分热情地
over- zealous / zealously

◆safeguard v. 保护
safequard: n. / vt. (书面用语,比较正式)
Eg: We must safeguard our motherland.
We must safegiard our state territorial integrity.
Keeping clean is a safeguard against disease.
safeguard / guard 保安
Eg: We need several safeguards.
safeguard / protect our eyes