§ Lesson 54 Instinct or cleverness? 是本能还是机智

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●insect n. 昆虫
●wage v. 进行(斗争)
●contaminate v. 弄脏
●provocation n. 惹怒
●spider n. 蜘蛛
●wasp n. 黄蜂
●moth n. 飞蛾
●ant n. 蚂蚁
●revulsion n. 厌恶
●horde n. 群
●uncanny adj. 神秘的,不可思议的
●erase v. 擦,抹去
●praying mantis 螳螂
●entranced adj. 出神的
●beetle n. 甲虫
●sheltered adj. 伤不着的,无危险的
●luscious adj. 甘美的
●cluster n. 一簇
●aphid n. 蚜虫
●underside n. 底面,下侧
●colony n. 一群
●sticky adj. 粘的
●scurry v. 小步跑
●swarm v. 聚集
●ingenuity n. 机灵

◆insect n. 昆虫
◆wage v. 进行(斗争)
wage: begin and continue a struggle
wage a war against / on
Eg: life means perpetual struggle against poverty.
carry on
undertake to do 着手
Eg: He undertook to inform people concerned.
engage in / be engaged in / be determined on sth. / be dedicated to sth. / be devoted to sth.

◆◆◆contaminate v. 弄脏
contaminate / pollute
contaminate: make dirty or bad or impure by mixing with dirty or poisonous matter.
Eg: Don’t eat the apple. It has been contaminated by flies.
Never eat food contaminated by flies.
Don’t read the hot story just because it will contaminate your mind. 别阅读黄色书刊。
hot story 色情小说  blue movie 色情电影

Eg: The air has been polluted severely / terribly / badly.
pollution / polluted
tint vt. 弄脏(通常指坏因素对你的影响)
Eg: Don’t read the hot story just because it will contaminate / tint your mind.
His reputation was tinted by the scandal. 他的名声被丑闻沾污了。
scandal 丑闻
foul : 弄脏 make sth. dirty
Eg: Dogs are forbidden to go into the streets because we are afraid the streets will be fouled.
The factory is responsible for fouling up the air. (相当于pollute)
foul up == pollute
defile 弄脏,污染 make sth. impure
Eg: I like honey, but I don’t want to drink the honey defiled by flies.
poison / foul up / pollute
Eg: Gases from cars are poisoning the air of our city.
Read: pollute / foul up / poison / contaminate / defile / tint
Eg: He is contaminated / tinted by hot stories.
Hot stories contaminate / tint his mind.

◆provocation n. 惹怒
provoke v.
1. make angry or bad-tempered
Eg: He was provoked beyond his endurance.
He was provoked and it was more than he could endure.
2. cause 引起,导致,激起
Eg: The book arouses / provokes my interest.
bring about / result in / lead to / give rise to
provoke sb’s interest in sth.
provoke sb, to do / provoke sb. into doing / cause sb. to do sth.
Eg: You provoked him to say so. Why?

L54-01  end  18’53”

L54-02  begin 18’48”

Eg: His provocation is beyond my endurance.

◆spider n. 蜘蛛
◆wasp n. 黄蜂
◆moth n. 飞蛾
◆ant n. 蚂蚁
◆revulsion n. 厌恶
disgust / dislike

◆horde n. 群
◆uncanny adj. 神秘的,不可思议的
Eg: They are leading a mysterious life.
In spite of this, he survived mysteriously.
eerie 怪诞的,奇异的
Eg: He looks eerie. / What he said is eerie to me.
weird 怪异的,怪诞的,神秘的 (行为举止让人摸不着头尾)
Eg: I can’t get along well with him because he is a weird person.
Why do you decide to many such a weird person?
cryptic 神秘的,鬼鬼崽崽的
Eg: Why did you do such a little thing in a cryptic way.

Read: eerie / weird / cryptic / mysterious / uncanny