§ Lesson 60 Too early and too late 太早和太晚

【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
●punctuality n. 准时
●rural adv. 农村的
●disregard v. 不顾,无视
●intellectual n. 知识分子
●abstruse adj. 深奥的
●coordinate v. 协调
●reproach v. 责备
●puncture v. 刺破(轮胎)
●diversion n. 改道,绕道
●trial n. 讨厌的事,人
●fraction n. 很小一点儿
●flourish n. 挥舞(打手劳)
●microscopic adj. 微小的
●adamant adj. 坚定的,不动摇的

◆punctuality n. 准时
punctual: adj. 守时
be punctual to the minute

◆rural adv. 农村的
urban adj. 城市的

◆disregard v. 不顾,无视
disregard sth
disregard == ignore
pay no attention to
take no notice of
in disregard of
treat sb. with disregard: 怠慢某人

◆intellectual n. 知识分子

◆abstruse adj. 深奥的
abstract: 抽象的
Eg: I am not good at mathematics, because the subject is not only abstract but also abstruce.

◆◆coordinate v. 协调
Eg: Our efforts need to be further coordinated for higher efficiency.
efficiency: == be efficient:效率
Eg: If you wnat to complete an ideal job with your classmates as quickly as possible, I think ypu must coodniate everything as much as you can.
coordinate work: 协调工作
arrange: 安排
Eg: Who will arrange the party?
How can arrange the paragraph?
organize: 组织
Eg: It’s your duty to organize our meeting.
harmonize: vt.& n. 协调,使调和,配和音

L60-01 end 7’45”

L60-02 begin 13’35”

Eg: The music is harmonized.
We have to harmonize our work.

◆reproach v. 责备
blame / scold / reprehend
Eg: Don’t reproach / blame him for such a little thing.
blame sb. for sth.
reproach n.

Beyond reproach 无可指责
Beyond doubt: 毫无疑问
Beyond understanding 无法理解
Beyond de脚本ion 无法描述
Eg: The problem is beyond / above me. 这个问题难倒了我

◆puncture v. 刺破(轮胎)
◆diversion n. 改道,绕道
◆trial n. 讨厌的事,人
trial: 审讯,审判,尝试,实验
Eg: After his trial, he set out with his new plane. 试飞之后,他开着飞机出发了。