catch the thief

stop sb.



laugh at:嘲笑



forced laugh:皮笑肉不笑

He always smiles.

wear a smile

He always wears a smile.

a big smile:笑容可掬

Tommy's mother is a woman with a big smile.

The man smiled pleasantly.


understanding: (adj.)

[understand 不能用现在进行时]


My parents are all understanding.

My wife is understanding.


chat(聊天), say(内容), talk(谈话,谈论), debate(辩论), dialogue(对话), conversation(一般性交流,谈话)

say to sb.

say to oneself

I said to myself yesterday.


lose one's way:迷路

I lost my way in London last week.

I said to myself.

ask sb. the way:问路

I can ask him the way.

the book on the desk

the key to the front door

the way to King Street

Can you tell me the way to King Street, please?

Be frankly (坦率来讲)

Be bluntly (直率讲)


palm 手掌



index finger/forefinger:食指

middle finger:中指

ring finger:无名指

little finger:小指

green hand:新手

raise your hand:举手

shake hands:握手

wave (one's) hand:挥手

give sb. a (big) hand:(热烈的)给某人鼓掌;帮助某人

read one's hand:看手相

on the other hand:另一方面


pocket money:零花钱



know well:对……很了解

I know my father well.

She knows Hong Kong well.

She doesn't know London well.

say to oneself:自言自语

put into:把……放进……里面

take out:拿出……

He put his hand into his pocket, and took out a phrasebook.