Lesson 93 Our new neighbour 


pilot n. 飞行员

return v. 返回

New York n. 纽约

Tokyo n. 东京

Madrid n. 马德里

fly (flew, flown) v. 飞行 


Athens n. 雅典 [5AWinz]

Berlin n. 柏林 [bE:5lin]

Bombay n. 孟买 [bCm5bei]

Geneva n. 日内瓦 [dVi5ni:vE]

Moscow n. 莫斯科 [5mCskEu]

Rome n. 罗马 [rEum]

Seoul n. 汉城 [sEul]

Stockholm n. 斯德哥尔摩 [5stCkhEum]

Sydney n. 悉尼 [5sidni]




return ticket 往返车票

return to

return from

I will return to Beijing next week.

They have already returned to Shanghai.

My mother returned to Beijing last week.

My father will return from Hongkong next week.

Nigel has already returned from Bombay.

He returned from Bombay last week.


next-door neighbour 隔壁邻居

the Royal Air Force 英国皇家空军


What is Nigel's job?

How old is Nigel?

Has he ever been to a lot of places in the world?

What about his wife?

Does his wife travel a lot?

What does she usually do?

Where is Nigel now?

When will he return to London?

When will he go to New York?

Where is Madrid?

When did Nigel go to Spain?

How did he go there?

Where will he go next week?

What about next month?

How will he go there?

What about the month after next?



Nigel is our new next-door neighbour.

He's a pilot.

He was in the R.A.F.

He will fly to New York next month.

The month after next he'll fly to Tokyo.

At the moment, he's in Madrid.

He flew to Spain a week ago.

He'll return to London the week after next.

He's only forty-one years old, and he was already been to nearly every country in the world.

Nigel is a very lucky man.

But his wife isn't very lucky.

She usually stays at Home.


He have already flown to Spain.

We have already been to nearly every city in China.

My father has already been to nearly every town in China.


Lesson 94 When did you/will you go to …?


Written exercises 书面练习A page 192


last week, last month, last year

this week, this month, this year

next week, next month, next year

the week after next, the month after next, the year after next


1 He will go to New York next week.

2 She will go to Sidney next month.

3 I will go to Paris the year after next.

4 We will go to Stockholm next year.

5 They will go to Geneva the week after next.


Written exercises 书面练习B page 192

1 No, she won't return to Geneva next year. She'll return to Bombay.

2 No, I won't fly to London tomorrow. I'll fly to Geneva.

3 No, we won't go to Madrid next year. We'll go to London.

4 No, he won't arrive from Moscow next month. He'll arrive from Madrid.

5 No, they won't stay in New York next month. They'll stay in Moscow.


补充材料 page 26

shall, will, shan't, won't

I shall go to Paris tomorrow morning.

He will fly to Rome in two days' time.

Will you visit the palace the day after tomorrow?

No, I shan't visit it. I shall visit a museum.

had better/ 'd better

I had better finish my Homework first.

You'd better zip your mouth.


1 has bought, bought, will arrive, have

2 will, arrive (in five hours 五个小时后)

3 have, been

4 will, arrive

5 stays

6 go, don't want

7 is flying

8 have

9 Has, moved

10 will have/had