Lesson 97 A small blue case 


leave (left, left) v. 遗留

describe v. 描述

zip n. 拉链

label  n. 标签

handle n. 提手,把手

address n. 地址

pence n. penny 的复数形式

belong v. 属于


belong to




I. 语音强化训练(pronunciation)

I have read the book.

Let's have a good chat.

keep on/ stand up/ take off/ above all

look at it/ after all/ here and there/ more or less

Where is it?


II. 经典口语习语、词组、谚语(phrases/idioms/proverbs)

shake in one's shoes 吓得发抖

birthday suit 生日礼服;一丝不挂

lady-killer (超级)帅哥

wall flower (舞会上)被冷落的女子

bet one's bottom dollar(that/on) 孤注一掷;对……有绝对把握

in the pink 健康

Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子。

Every bean has its black. 人无完人。

In the dictionary of youth there is no such words as failure. 初生牛犊不怕虎。


in one's:在某人的……

in one's birthday suit:一丝不挂




II. Fill in the blanks:

1 What do you want, beef or lamb? Lamb, please.

2 Whose coat is this? It's Jim's.

3 When/What time does she have lunch? Twelve o'clock.

4 Who can help Kate? I can.

5 What colour do you like best?

6 What nationality are they?


I Fill the blanks with suitable words:

1 Do you clean your bedroom by yourself? Yes, I do. But now I am not cleaning.

2 She often swims in the river. Look, she is swimming there.

3 Is he watching TV? No, he isn't. But he watches TV every day.

4 Does Li Lei do his Homework every night? Of course. What about you?

5 Can you read this book for me? Yes, I can. Let's.

6 In the morning, Mr.Jones goes to work at seven o'clock. At noon, he has his lunch in the dining hall. In the afternoon, he types some files for the boss. At about five o'clock in the afternoon, he can leave his office. Mr.Jones and his wife have supper together every night.

7 It's time to go to school. Some of them go there on foot, some of them by bus, and the others go by bike.

8 In the evening, my mother usually writes her research paper. But tonight she is not writing her paper.



si(t) down/ nex(t) door/ a ba(d) cold/ ta(k)e to

ba(d) boy/ han(d) bag/ sui(t)case/ blac(k)board

a goo(d) deal/ wi(th) this/ so(m)e more/ Ye(s), sir.

street/ scar/ spend/ school/ stay/ spare/ skate





sit pretty 处于有利的地位

best man 伴郎

cry baby 爱报怨的人

double Dutch 比较难解的问题(go Dutch:AA制)

show one's true color 露出某人的真面目

Take Home in doggy bags. 打包回家 (lucky dog:幸运儿)

There is no smoke without fire. 无风不起浪

Better late than never. 亡羊补牢,为时未晚。

Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败



leave/left/left 知道落在什么地方了

lose/lost/lost 不明确丢的地点

the train to London

the other day (一般过去时)

I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day.

Mrs.Mills left her handbag on the train to Moscow yesterday.

I have lost my suitcase.

He lost his pen last week.


Can you describe it?


have/have got

It has got a zip.

It's a small blue case.

There's a label on the handle.

a girl with long hair

a boy with blue eyes

a label with my name and address

There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it.


I went to London last week.

I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day.

Can you describe it?

It's a small blue case.

It's got a zip.

There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it.


address n. 地址;演讲(精心准备过的,正式的)




belong to (不能用于进行时态)

This book belongs to me. = This book is mine.

This book doesn't belong to me.

These books belong to me.

These books don't belong to me.

Is this book yours?


A Complete these sentences.(P200)


This dress belongs to my sister. It is hers.

1 These things belong to my husband. They are his.

2 This coat belongs to me. It is mine.

3 These books belong to my wife. They are hers.

4 These books belong to my brother and me. They are ours.

5 These pens belong to Tom and Jill. They are theirs.

6 This suitcase belongs to you. It is yours.