Lesson 105 Full of mistakes


spell v. 拼写 (spelt, spelt)

intelligent adj. 聪明的,有智慧的

mistake n. 错误

present n. 礼物

dictionary n. 词典 

mistake 比较一般的错误

blunder 由于粗心大意犯的比较严重的错误

error 没有按照既定的程序、规定犯的错误

fault 侧重于人的错误、过失

make a mistake

I often make a mistake in the exam.

make some mistakes

She always makes some mistakes in the Homework.

I made a mistake last week.

I have made a lot of mistakes.

It's my fault.


be full of

This room is full of students.

This letter is full of mistakes.


at present 目前

present n. (小)礼物

gift 礼物(比较贵重)

humble present 区区薄礼



结构:to + 动词原形,to是个小品词,可以做宾语,宾语补足语

I want to go Home.

I want you to go Home.

The boss wants Pamela to type a letter.

I want you to type the letter again, because this letter is full of mistakes.

I typed a letter yesterday.

The boss asked Pamela to type a letter last week.

Pamela has typed the letter.

Pamela typed the letter last night.

Pamela is typing the letter.

Pamela will type the letter tomorrow.

Pamela types ten letters every week.


be sorry about 为此很抱歉

I am sorry about this.


Who typed the letter for the boss? Sandra

Who is the office assistant? Bob

Why did the boss ask Sandra to type the letter?

Because this letter is full of mistakes.

What's wrong with the word 'intelligent'?

I have typed the letter.

I have typed this word 'intelligent' with only one 'l'.

You have typed the word with only one 'l'.

What did the boss give Sandra? A dictionary.

What does the boss want?

He hopes that the dictionary will help Sandra.




The boss is in his office.

Bob is the office assistant.

typist 打字员

Sandra is a typist.

The boss wants Sandra to come to his office.

The boss asked Sandra to type a letter for him yesterday.

Sandra typed the letter last night.

But she typed the word 'intelligent' with only one 'l'.

This letter is full of mistakes.

angry 生气

a little bit

The boss is a little bit angry.



The boss went to the bookshop this morning.

He bought a dictionary for Sandra.

He hopes it will help Sandra.

The boss wants Sandra to type the letter again.

Sandra says she will type the letter soon.


When Sandra knows that the boss bought a present for her, she is very happy.



Where's Sandra, Bob?

I want her.

Do you want to speak to her?

Yes, I do.

I want her to come to my office.

Tell her to come at once.

Did you want  to see me?

Ah, yes, Sandra.

How do you spell 'intelligent'?

Can you tell me?


That's right.

You've typed it with only one 'l'.

This letter's full of mistakes.

I want you to type it again.

Yes, I'll do that.

I'm sorry about that.

And here's a little present for you.

What is it?

It's a dictionary.

I hope it'll help you.