Lesson 117 Tommy's breakfast



When my husband was going into the dining room this morning,

he dropped some coins on the floor.

There were coins everywhere.

We looked for them, but we could not find them all.

While we were having breakfast, our little boy, Tommy, found two small coins on the floor.

He put them both into his mouse.

We both tried to get the coins, but it was too late.

Tommy had already swallowed them!

Later that morning, when I was doing the housework, my husband phoned me from the office.

"How's Tommy?" He asked.

"I don't know," I answered, "Tommy's been to the toilet three times this morning, but I haven't had any change yet!"


Lesson 119 A true story



story n. 故事

happen v. 发生

thief n. 贼

enter v. 进入

dark adj. 黑暗的

torch n. 手电筒

voice n. (说话的)声音

parrot n. 鹦鹉


in the dark

It's very dark.


[story 一般性的故事,可以真实的也可以是虚构的]

fable 寓言故事

legend 传奇故事

tale 神州故事

I want to tell you a true story?

Do you like stories?

story book 故事书

story teller 讲故事的人

make up 化妆,编造


a friend of mine

one of my friends

[happen 偶然的发生]

take place [发生,经过安排的]

It happens to sb.

It happened to sb.

It happened to a friend of mine last year.

Don't be angry, it happens every day.

Do you like stories?

I want to tell you a true story.

It happened to one of my friends last year.

The wedding took place yesterday.

It happens to somebody.

It happened to somebody.


in the dark 黑暗中,秘密的

torch song 忧郁的情歌


[voice 嗓音]

sound 声音

noise 噪音

the sound of music 音乐之声

throat 嗓子

Sb. has a good voice.

I had a good voice.