Lesson 57 An unusual day
  What’s the time?/What time is it?
  It’s … o’clock.(表示整点)
  Ten past seven.
  Twenty past nine.
  It’s half past eight.
  It’s half past ten.
  Ten to seven.
  Twenty to four.
  Two to two.
  a quarter
  A quarter past one.
  It’s a quarter to four.
  It’s a quarter past nine.
  It’s a quarter to seven.
  shopping center:购物中心
  shopping mall:大型购物中心
  go to the shops:逛商店(买东西)
  go shopping:购物
  do some shopping:买东西
  window shop:只看不买
  at the moment:现在,此刻
  for a moment:一会儿
  at any moment:任何时候
  at the last moment:在最后一刻
  in a moment:不久
  at the very moment:就在非常的那一刻
  at that moment:就在那一刻
  ★ Text
  It is eight o’clock.
  The children go to school by car every day, but today, they are going to school on foot.
  It is ten o’clock.
  Mrs. Sawyer usually stays at home in the morning, but this morning, she is going to the shops.
  It is four o’clock.
  In the afternoon, Mrs. Sawyer usually drinks tea in the living room.
  But this afternoon, she is drinking tea in the garden.
  It is six o’clock.
  In the evening, the children usually do their homework, but this evening, they are not doing their homework.
  At the moment, they are playing in the garden.
  It is nine o’clock.
  Mr. Sawyer usually reads his newspaper at night.
  But he’s not reading his newspaper tonight.
  At the moment, he’s reading an interesting book.