Lesson 61 A bad cold 重感冒

Health is a kind of freedom and comes first of all.


feel v. 感觉

look v. 看(起来)

must modal verb 必须

call v. 叫,请

doctor n. 医生

telephone n. 电话

remember v. 记得,记住

mouth n. 嘴 open your mouth

tongue n. 舌头 show me your tongue

bad adj. 坏的,严重的 bad cold

cold n. 感冒

news n. 消息 [nju:z] [nu:z] good news

They are looking at the blackboard.


1 主语+不及物动词

2 主系表结构,其中系动词(link-verb)包括be动词和感官动词。


I feel happy.

The food smells terrible.

She looks sad.

This tastes good.

I feel ill.

She feels ill.

Do you feel ill?

How do you feel?

How does she feel?

How does Jimmy feel?

Jimmy looks ill. Jimmy is in bed. He feels ill. He doesn't feel ill. Does he feel ill? How does he feel? He looks ill.

feel funny/ feel like (doing) sth./feel free to do sth.