Lesson 62 What's the matter with them? What must they do?

 headache -> have a headache


earache -> have an earache

toothache -> have a toothache


stomach ache -> have a stomach ache


temperature -> have a temperature

flu -> have flu

measles -> have measles [5mi:zlz] n. [医]麻疹, 风疹, 包虫病, 痧子

mumps -> have mumps [mQmps] 腮腺炎

take/have an aspirin [5AspErin] n. 阿斯匹林(解热镇痛药), 乙酰水杨酸

see a doctor

see a dentist

take some medicine

go to bed

stay in bed

call the doctor



I have a headache. He has a headache.

I must stay at home. He must stay at home.

I have a cold. He has a cold.

I can't go to work. He can't go to work.

I am not well. He is not well.

I feel ill. He feels ill.

I must see a doctor. He must see a doctor.

I do not like doctors. He does not like doctors.



Sam has a temperature, so he must go to bed.

Jane has a stomachache, so she must take some medicine.

She has a headache, so she must take an aspirin.

Susan has mumps, so we must call the doctor.

He has a toothache, so he must see a dentist.

Jimmy has measles, so we must call the doctor.

Dave has flu. He must stay in bed.


Jimmy/ a stomachache/ a headache/ take an aspirin

What's the matter with Jimmy?

Does he have a stomach ache?

No, he doesn't have a stomachache.

He has a headache.

So he must take an aspirin.


Elizabeth/ an earache/ a headache/ take an aspirin

What's matter with Elizabeth?

Does she have an earache?

No, she doesn't have an earache.

She has a headache.

So she must take an aspirin.