Lesson 63 Thank you, doctor


better adj. 形容词well的比较级

certainly adv. 当然

get up 起床

yet adv. 还,仍

rich adj. 油腻的,富有的

food n. 食物

remain v. 保持,继续


with, so, for

with 第一种用法跟在be动词之后,第二种用在固定的动词之后

keep up with

catch up with

What's the matter with … ?

Mr. Jones with his family.

so 程度副词


   She is so beautiful.

   Don't drive so quickly.


because 因为



for 1 用在be动词之后。是为了… 的意思

This bookcase is for Susan.

2 跟在动词之后

look for

3 for 的后面跟一段时间


good/well -> better

had better do sth.

had better not do sth.

smoke 抽烟

You had better not smoke here.

You had better not telephone here.

You had better not answer the telephone.


of course

sure [主观上的有把握]

It's certainly interesting.

certain 确定的[客观上的确定]

confident 自信的,有把握的

It is certain that young man will be successful in the future.

I'm sure my boy friend will be a great man in the future.