Lesson 64 Don't … You mustn't …


play v. 玩

match n. 火柴

talk v. 谈话

library n. 图书馆

drive v. 开车

so adv. 如此地

quickly adv. 快地

lean out of 身体探出

break v. 打破

noise n. 喧闹声

Written exercises 书面练习 B page 128

aspirin 阿斯匹林

play with matches 玩火柴

make a noise 发出噪音

lean out of the window 把身体探出窗外

take any aspirins

take this medicine

call the doctor

play with matches

talk in the library

make a noise

drive so quickly

lean out of the window

break that vase

Written exercises 书面练习 A page 128

I mustn't take any aspirins.

Jimmy mustn't take any aspirins.

1 Jimmy is better now but Jimmy mustn't get up yet.

2 Jimmy has a cold and Jimmy must stay in bed.

3 Jimmy can get up for two hours each day.

4 Jimmy often reads in bed.

5 Jimmy listens to the stereo, too.

6 Jimmy doesn't feel ill now.