Lesson 65 Not a baby


Dad n. 爸(儿语)

key n. 钥匙 adj.关键的

baby n. 婴儿

hear v. 听见

enjoy v. 玩得快活

yourself pron.你自己

ourselves pron.我们自己

mum n. 妈妈

hear 听见 [iE] <-> hair 头发 [ZE]

myself pron. 我自己

themselves pron. 他们自己

himself pron. 他自己

herself pron. 她自己

keyboard 键盘

key words 关键的话语

key point 关键点

the key to the door

the key to the front door

want 想要

want to do sth.

go abroad 出国

next year 明年

I want to go abroad next year.


She wants to help you.

I am going to see my friends.

I can't arrive home at ten o'clock.

I want to have the key to the front door.

Jill wants to have the key to the front door.

Can I have the key to the front door?

the key to the front door

listen 听

listening 听力

listen to

hear from sb. 收到某人的来信

I hear from my mother every week.

hear of 听说

Can you hear?

Do you hear? 你听见了吗?

speak 讲话

Do you speak English?

enjoy sth.

enjoy oneself

enjoy doing sth.

music 音乐

I like music.

I enjoy music.

I like you.

I enjoy you.[一般不合用]

always 总是

I always enjoy myself.

They always enjoy themselves.

Jill always enjoys herself.

I enjoy reading.


mind, finish

mind doing sth.

finish doing sth.