【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★hot adj. 带电的,充电的
hot-hot-hot: 麻辣烫
hot-wings: 辣鸡翅
hot-tempered :火爆(脾气)的
hot-line :热线
hot topic :热门话题
hot cake :热蛋糕
hot dog :热狗
It sells like a hot cake/cakes.
hot :新鲜的
best seller: 畅销的东西
hot potato :棘手的问题
hot news :最热点的新闻
hot snake

★fireman n. 消防队员
hydrant: 消防栓
fire extinguisher:灭火器
extinguish=put out: 灭火

★cause v. 引起; n. 原因
cause sth.:引起麻烦
Carelessness causes accidents.
Pride causes failure.
cause sb to do sth. :导致某人做某事
Illness caused him to lose his temper
Because 因为 be cause
reason : 理由, cause 原因
cause :强调事情发生的直接原因(一个)
reason :其他各种的理由(很多个)

★examine v. 检查
examine the soil
check :核实,核对

★accidentally adv. 意外地,偶然地
accident :事故
unexpectedly :出乎意料地
Unexpectedly he didn't go.
I met the famous writer accidentally.

★remains n. 尸体,残骸
dead body

★wire n. 电线

★volt n. 伏特(电压单位)

★power line 电力线

★solve v. 解决
solve the mystery(迷)
solve the problem

★mystery n. 谜

★snatch v. 抓住
catch: 抓鱼
snatch :突然抓起来
seize : 抓住(用力)
seize my arm

★spark n. 电火花

  First listen and then answer the question.
  What caused the fire?

  At last firemen have put out a big forest fire in California. Since then, they have been trying to find out how the fire began. Forest fires are often caused by broken glass or by cigarette ends which people carelessly throw away. Yesterday the firemen examined the ground carefully, but were not able to find any broken glass. They were also quite sure that a cigarette end did not start the fire. This morning, however, a firemen accidentally discovered the cause. He noticed the remains of a snake which was wound round the electric wires of a 16,000-volt power line. In this way, he was able to solve the mystery. The explanation was simple but very unusual. A bird had snatched up the snake from the ground and then dropped it on to the wires. The snake then wound itself round the wires. When it did so, it sent sparks down to the ground and these immediately started a fire.