【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★sticky adj. 粘的
as sticky as glue 和胶水一样粘

★finger n. 手指
thumb 大拇指
index finger 食指
middle finger 中指
ring finger 无名指
little finger 小指
toe 脚趾

★pie n. 馅饼

★mix v. 混合,拌和
mixture n.

★pastry n. 面糊

★annoying adj. 恼人的
it is annoying.
annoyed 感到烦恼的

★receiver n. 电话的话筒

★dismay v. 失望,泄气
dismay sb. 让某人感到失望
dismaying 令人失望
dismayed 感到失望
reason with sb. 劝说
try to persuade 劝说

★recognize v. 认出,听出

★persuade v. 说服,劝说

★mess n. 乱七八糟
What a mess!
You are a mess!
The man/woman is mess!
make a mess of sth. 制造乱七八糟

★doorknob n. 门把手

★sign v. 签字
sign your name(s) here 在这里签名
signature n. 签名
I need your signature. 我需要你的签名
autograph 明星,名人的签名

★register v. 挂号邮寄
registered letter 挂号信
sign for 签收

  First listen and then answer the question.
  What two interruptions did the writer have?

  After breakfast, I sent the children to school and then I went to the shops. It was still early when I returned home. The children were at school, my husband was at work and the house was quiet. So I decided to make some meat pies. In a short time I was busy mixing butter and flour and my hands were soon covered with sticky pastry. At exactly that moment, the telephone rang. Nothing could have been more annoying. I picked up the receiver between two sticky fingers and was dismayed when I recognized the voice of Helen Bates. It took me ten minutes to persuade her to ring back later. At last I hung up the receiver. What a mess! There was pastry on my fingers, on the telephone, and on the doorknobs. I had no sooner got back to the kitchen than the doorbell rang loud enough to wake the dead. This time it was the postman and he wanted me to sign for a registered letter!