【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★gold n. 金子
sth.be made of gold
gold watch
gold ring
golden sun
Slience is golden.
golden : 金色的; 宝贵的
golden opportunity
golden sentence
I am honoured to have the opportuntiy to do sth.
I am glad to have the golden opporturity to stay with you.
【Special difficulties】
all...is not...不是所有的
All that glitters is not gold.
not all
Slience is golden
platinum 铂金
Treasure Island
jewel jewelry 总称
I have some jewels/some jewelry
jewel  jewelry
jade   jade Palace

★mine n. 矿

★treasure n. 财宝

★revealer n. 探测器
reveal 揭示

★invent v. 发明
invention n.

★detect v. 探测
detective 侦探

★bury v. 埋藏

★cave n. 山洞

★seashore n. 海岸

★pirate n. 海盗

★arm v. 武装
hold one's arm
Farewell ! Arms
Soldiers should be armed well.
The youth should be armed with knowledge.
be covered with
The teacher should be patient.
The teacher should be armed with patience.

★soil n. 泥土
earth 泥土
soil 土壤

★entrance n. 入口
exit 出口
entrance of/entrance to

★finally adv. 最后

★worthless adj. 毫无价值的

★thoroughly adv. 彻底地

★trunk n. 行李箱

★confident adj. 有信心的
confidence n.
be confident of doing sth.
be confident that

★value n. 价值

  First listen and then answer the question.
  What did the team find?

  Dreams of finding lost treasure almost came true recently. A new machine called 'The Revealer' has been invented and it has been used to detect gold which has been buried in the ground. The machine was used in a cave near the seashore where -- it is said -- pirates used to hide gold. The pirates would often bury gold in the cave and then fail to collect it. Armed with the new machine, a search party went into the cave hoping to find buried treasure. The leader of the party was examining the soil near the entrance to the cave when the machine showed that there was gold under the ground. Very excited, the party dug a hole two feel deep. They finally found a small gold coin which was almost worthless. The party then searched the whole cave thoroughly but did not find anything except an empty tin trunk. In spite of this, many people are confident that 'The Revealer' may reveal something of value fairly soon.