【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★sound n. 声音
sound v.听起来
I have a piece of sound advice.
soundly 香甜地
sleep soundly
voice 人的声音
noise 和周围不和谐的声音,噪音

★excitement n. 激动,兴奋
excite v.
exciting adj.
excited adj.
to one's excitement 令某人激动的是
the most wxciting thing is that 最令人激动的是
the most surprising thing about it is that 最令人惊讶的事情是
It excited me that 让我激动的是

★handsome adj. 漂亮的;美观的
You look beautiful
She is pretty.
Flowers are beautiful.
Picture is beautiful.
pretty 美丽(用于女孩或小孩)一般强调外貌
pretty boy
pretty girl
pretty woman
pretty baby
nice  You are nice. 你长得不错
lovely 可爱的
This is a lovely story. 这是一个可爱的故事
lovely girl
good-looking 好看的
smart 小巧而美丽的(物)
She is smart.
The baby is cute.  cute 常用来形容小孩
What a cute baby!
How cute you are!
handsome 一般形容男孩子,跟女性连用的时候就表示这个女孩子有阳刚气
handsome boy
Your husband is handsome.
Your wife is pretty.
handsome 在形容东西的时候不但表示漂亮,而且表示制作精良
beautiful 一般不形容人,形容人的时候表示内在和外在美的统一

★Rolls-Royce 罗尔斯--罗伊斯

★Benz n. 奔驰

★wheel n. 轮子

★explosion n. 爆炸,轰响
explode v.
explosive n.炸药
bomb n. 炸弹
The bomb exploded
decision n.
decide  v.

★course n. 跑道;行程
on the course 按照轨道运行
off course 偏离轨道
of course 当然
course n.课程
This term,I took/take seven courses.

★rival n. 对手
competition n.竞争,竞赛
competitor : the person who takes part in the competition
opposite 相反的
opponent n. 对手,持相反意见的人
enemy 敌人
rival 势均力敌的
   n. 势均力敌的对手

★speed v. 疾驶
speed sped sped
speed n.速度
at the speed of 以...的速度
The car goes at the speed of 40 miles/hour
在车后的3 speed/ 4 speed 表示档位
blow up 风力的增加
speed up 速度的增加
slow down 减速

★downhill adv. 下坡
downstairs 下楼
upstairs 上楼
go down stairs
go downhill 下山
downtown 市中心的商业区
I'll go to the downtown.

  First listen and then answer the question.
  How fast did the winning car go?

  Once a year, a race is held for old cars. A lot of cars entered for this race last year and there was a great deal of excitement just before it began. One of the most handsome cars was a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. The most unusual car was a Benz which had only three wheels. Built in 1885, it was the oldest car taking part. After a great many loud explosions, the race began. Many of the cars broke down on the course and some drivers spent more time under their cars than in them! A few cars, however, completed the race. The winning car reached a speed of forty miles an hour -- much faster than any of its rivals. It sped downhill at the end of the race and its driver had a lot of trouble trying to stop it. The race gave everyone a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no less exciting.