【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★bark v. 狗叫
The dog is barking
Somebody is barking

★press v. 按,压
pressure :压力

★paw n. 脚爪
cat's paw :被人所利用的人
I don't want to be a cat's paw.

★latch n. 门闩
bar :门闩

★expert n. 专家
expert at/in 在某一方面是专家
expert at/in dong sth
expert at / in opening the door

★develop v. 养成
develop the film :冲洗胶卷
develop :发展
developing skills ;发展技巧
fluency in English
developing country :发展中国家
developed country :发达国家
boiling water :滚开水
boiled water:开水

★habit n. 习惯
custom :风格,习俗

★remove v. 拆掉,取下
remove sth from

  First listen and then answer the question.
  Why did Rex run away?

  Our dog, Rex, used to sit outside our front gate and dark. Every time he wanted to come into the garden he would bark until someone opened the gate. As the neighbours complained of the noise, my husband spent weeks training him to press his paw on the latch to let himself in. Rex soon became an expert at opening the gate. However, when I was going out shopping last week, I noticed him in the garden near the gate. This time he was barking so that someone would let him out! Since then, he has developed another bad habit. As soon as he opens the gate from the outside, he comes into the garden and waits until the gate shuts. Then he sits and barks until someone lets him out. After this he immediately lets himself in and begins barking again. Yesterday my husband removed the gate and Rex got so annoyed we have not seen him since.