【new words and expressions】 生词和短语

★versus prep. 对
★christmas n. 圣诞节
christmas eve
father christmas :圣诞老人
santa claus:圣诞老人

★circus n.马戏团

★present n. 礼物

★accompany v. 陪伴,随行
i'll accompany you to your hotel.
i'll accompany you home.

★approach v. 走近
come nearer and nearer
the old man approaches 80 years old.
approach sb
he is approaching me.
approach n.途径,方法
we have found an approach to success.

★ought modal verb. 应该
ought to do sth
should do sth.
should :应该(我认为)
ought to:应该(义务上)
you should knock at the door.
you ought to knock at the door.

★weigh v. 重
weight n.
lose weight 减肥

★fortunate adj.幸运的

  first listen and then answer the question.
  why did the police have to push jumbo off the main street?

  last christmas, the circus owner, jimmy gates, decided to take some presents to a children's hospital. dressed up as father christmas and accompanied by a 'guard of honour' of six pretty girls, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called jumbo. he should have known that the police would never allow this sort of thing. a policeman approached jimmy and told him he ought to have gone along a side street as jumbo was holding up the traffic. though jimmy agreed to go at once, jumbo refused to move. fifteen policemen had to push very hard to get him off the main street. the police had a difficult time, but they were most amused. 'jumbo must weigh a few tons,' said a policeman afterwards, 'so it was fortunate that we didn't have to carry him. of course, we should arrest him, but as he has a good record, we shall let him off this time.'