【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★Lancaster n. 兰开斯特
Lancaster:name of the plane
bomb 炸弹

★bomber n. 轰炸机

★remote adj. 偏僻的
lonely 偏僻的(孤零零的)
remote village 遥远的村庄
lonely island
remote 偏远

★Pacific n. 太平洋
Atlantic 大西洋
Indian ocean 印度洋
Arctic ocean 北冰洋

★damage v. 毁坏

★wreck n. 残骸
wreck 强调坏了没用的东西
wreckage 强调坏的东西成碎片

★rediscover v. 重新发现
re :表示再、又的意思
review 复习
reread 再读
rewrite 改写
retell 复述

★aerial adj. 航空的

★survey n. 调查
investigation 调查
survey 调查(一定要跟数据有关系)
aerial survey 航空调查

★rescue v. 营救

★package v. 把......打包
pack n. 小包
wrap it up for me
package n.大包
package deal
parcel 包裹(邮局邮寄)
pack it for me

★enthusiast n. 热心人

★restore v. 修复

★imagine v. 想像
imagine doing
imagine it 想像一下吧 想不到
imagine that

★packing case 包装箱

★colony n. 群 殖民地
colony :一群聚居在一起的生物
a colony of ants 一群蚂蚁
a colony of bees 一群蜜蜂
a colony of artists 一群艺术家
a flock of
a flock of goats 羊群
a herd of cows 一群奶牛
a crowd of (用于人)

★bee n. 蜂

★hive n. 蜂房

★preserve v. 保护
protect 保护
preserve 保存(经过特殊手段而保存下来)
bean curd 豆腐
preserved bean curd 豆腐乳
preserved fruit 果脯
preserved meat 腊肉
preserved fish 腊鱼
smoked fish 熏鱼
Can I keep your photo?
How long can I keep it?
Can I return it to you?
Can I keep it for you?
store the cabbage  store 储存,保存(以便日后使用)

★beeswax n. 蜂蜡

  First listen and then answer the question.
  What was 'sweet as honey' and why?

  In 1963 a Lancaster bomber crashed on Wallis Island, a remote place in the South Pacific, a long way west of Samoa. The plane wasn't too badly damaged, but over the years, the crash was forgotten and the wreck remained undisturbed. Then in 1989, twenty-six years after the crash, the plane was accidentally rediscovered in an aerial survey of the island. By this time, a Lancaster bomber in reasonable condition was rare and worth rescuing. The French authorities had the plane packaged and moved in parts back to France. Now a group of enthusiasts are going to have the plane restored. It has four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, but the group will need to have only three of them rebuilt. Imagine their surprise and delight when they broke open the packing cases and found that the fourth engine was sweet as honey -- still in perfect condition. A colony of bees had turned the engine into a hive and it was totally preserved in beeswax!


  1963年,一架兰开斯特轰炸机在瓦立斯岛毁。那是南太洋中一个很偏僻的小岛,位于萨摩亚群岛以西,距离群岛还有很长一段距离。飞机损坏的程度并不严重,但是,多年来这起飞机失事已被遗忘,飞机残骸也没受到破坏。于是,到了1989年,飞机失事26年后,在对小岛的一次航空勘查中那架飞机被意外地发现了。到了那个时候,状况良好的兰开斯特轰炸机实属罕见,值得抢救。法国政府让人把飞机包装起来,一部分一部分地搬回法国。一群热心人计划修复这架飞机。该飞机装装配有4台罗尔斯-罗伊斯的默林发动机,但是他们只需要修复其中的3台。想一想他们所感受到的惊奇和兴奋 —— 当他们拆开包装箱时,他们发现第4台发动机就像蜂蜜一样甜 —— 发动机完好无损。一群蜜蜂把发动机当作了蜂房,发动机在蜂蜡中被完整地保存了下来。