【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

★persistent adj. 坚持的,固执的
You are stubborn.
persist:坚持(不顾阻拦一味的坚持)persist in doing sth.
insist:坚持(认为、说、是人的一种态度) insist on doing sth.
perseverance:坚持不懈(褒义)      persevere in

★avoid v. 避开
avoid doing sth.

★insist v. 坚持做

  First listen and then answer the question.
  Why did Elizabeth tell Nigel that she was going to the dentist?

  I crossed the street to avoid meeting him, but he saw me and came running towards me. It was no use pretending that I had not seen him, so I waved to him. I never enjoy meeting Nigel Dykes. He never has anything to do. No matter how busy you are, he always insists on coming with you. I had to think of a way of preventing him from following me around all morning.
  'Hello, Nigel,' I said. 'Fancy meeting you here!'
  'Hi, Elizabeth,' Nigel answered. 'I was just wondering how to spend the morning -- until I saw you. You're not busy doing anything, are you?'
  'No, not at all,' I answered. 'I'm going to...'
  'Would you mind my coming with you?' he asked, before I had finished speaking.
  'Not at all,' I lied, 'but I'm going to the dentist.'
  'Then I'll come with you,' he answered. 'There's always plenty to read in the waiting room!




avoid meeting


came running 向我跑过来
go shopping,go swimming,go skating

it is no use doing...做某件事情是没有用处的
It is no use crying over the spilled millk.

enjoy doing

insists on coming

No matter :无论+从句(要以特殊疑问词引导)
No matter how busy you are.

I had to think of a way of preventing
think of a way of doing :想一个作某事的方法
prevent do from doing sth :让某人不做某事
stop sb.from doing sth ;让某人不做某事
keep sb.from doing sth.
forbid sb.to do sth.

Fancy meeting you here? 真想不到会在这里见到你!
fancy = imagine
fancy + 名词——表示惊讶