lesson 50

ride n 旅行
excursion n 远足
conductor n 售票员
view n 景色

ride v 骑(车,马)
excursion n 游玩,郊游
weekend's excursion 周末游
Tomorrow we will have (a day's excursion 一日游)
sight n 景色,视线,视野
in one's view=in one's opinion就某人看来
view n 景色(主观性较强)
Can I have a room with a good view?


Taken for a ride

I love travelling in the country, but I
don't like losing my way. I went on an
excursion recently, but my trip took me
longer than I expected.
' I'm going to Woodford Green,' I said
to the conductor as I got on the bus,' but
I don't know where it is.'
' I'll tell you where to get off,' answered
the conductor.
I sat in the front of the bus to get a good
view of the countryside. After some time,
the bus stopped. Looking round, I realized
with a shock that I was the only passenger
left on the bus.
' You'll have to get off here,' the condoctor said. 'This is as far as we go.'
' Is this Woodford Green ?' I asked.
'Oh dear,' said the conductor suddenly.' I forgot to put you off.'
'It doesn't matter,' I said. 'I'll get off here.'
'We are going back now,' said the conductor.
'Well, in that case, I prefer to stay on the bus,' I answered.

love doing/like doing强调一种习惯,喜欢做某事
i love my brother,but i don't like his girlfriend
i love having dinner with you,but i don't like paying for dinner
go on an excursion=have an excursion
take sb some time
Eg.:My trip took me a long time
it 形式主语
it takes sb some time to do sth
it takes sb some time that...
it took me a month to learn book 2
sb spend some time doing sth
i spent a month learning English
sb spend some time on sth
金钱上的花费cost,pay for sth
than i expected【口语话】比我所预料的
the question is easier than i expected
you are greater than i expected
you are more beautiful than i expected
you are better than i expected
than i thought比我原以为的
the holiday took you longer than i expected
the English class took me longer than i thought
get on the bus上车
get off the bus下车
i will tell you where you can(should) get off
i will tell you where to get off
语法结构:特殊疑问词+to+动词原形 可用来取代宾语从句
How can I get there?
can you tell me how i can get there
can you tell me how to get there
can you tell me what to do?
can you tell me how i should do
i don't know which to choose
i wonder when to have a meeting


1、did you find out____the pie out of oven?
a to take b have taken
c when to take d pile up answer :c
find out 发现
take sth out of 取出来
did you find out when we could(can)take the pie out of oven
in the front of前者属于后者的范围
in front of前者不属于后者的范围
the teacher stands in the front of the classroom
the teacher stands in front of the students

get a good view of 欣赏......的美景
i stood at the window to get a good view of the city
after some time=after a time
looking round
to do与主句主语构成目的关系
passing plain路过的飞机
ploughed field耕过的地
i find the door locked
i realized with a shock that...
i do sth with an excitement

with+n 表

as far as we go
this is as far as i can do
as far as + 从句;最大程度地,最大限度地
as far as we go=we couldn't go any more
i can't bear(it any more)
it was more than i could bear
this is as far as i bear
this is as far as i can understand
this is as far as i can afford我只能付这么多钱
Oh dear哦,天呐
forget to do忘记去做某事
forget doing忘记已经做了什么事
I forget to shut the door我忘了锁门
i forget shutting the door我忘门已经锁了
put sb off
put off the meeting/put off the appointment表示推迟,延期
put sb off off adv=remind sb to do 表示提醒
put sb off推脱,敷衍
My son always asks me to take him up,I always put him off
in that case如果那样的话
in this case如果这样的话
prefer to do sth宁可做某事
prefer to do...rather than...宁可...也不...

letter writing
how to begin a letter
你的祖母Dear grandma 你的表姐Dear Elizabeth
你的朋友杰克:Dear Jack 你的叔叔汤姆:Dear Uncle Tom

key structures

belong to,consist of,contain,desire,detest,hate,hope,love,matter,mean,mind,need,want,wish

special difficulties

loose adj 松动的
miss v 怀念,思念,错过
sth is lost/sth is missing
missing adj 不见了的
missing boy 失踪了的孩子
servral screws have come loose。
come loose系动词+adj松了
expect,wait for

I get to the office in an hour
-->it takes me an hour to get to the office

bet on sth就...打赌