lesson 56

sound n 声音
excitement n 激动,兴奋
handsome adj 漂亮的,美观的
Rolls-Royce 罗乐斯-罗伊斯
Benz n 奔驰
wheel n 轮子
explosion n 爆炸,轰响
course n 跑道,行程
rival n 对手
speed v 疾驶
downhill adv 下坡
sound v 听起来
adj 合理的 等于reasonable
i have a piece of sound advice
sleep soundly
to one's excitement令人激动的是
the most exciting thing is that
the most surprising thing about it is that
it excited me that
you look beautiful
she is pretty
flowers are beautiful
picture is beautiful
pretty boy pretty girl pretty woman
you are nice你长得不错
this is a lovely story这是一个可爱的故事
lovely girl
the baby is cute
what a cute baby
how cute you are
explode v
explosive n 炸药
bomb n 炸弹
the bomb exploded
on the course按照轨道运行
off course 偏离轨道
course n 课程
this term, i took seven courses这学期我学了七门课
competition n 竞争,竞赛
competitor:the person who takes part in the competition竞争者,对手
opponent n 对手,持相反意见的人
speed sped sped
speed 速度
at the speed of 以...的速度
the car goes at the speed of 40 miles/hour
在车后的3 speed/4 speed表示档位
blow up风力的增加
speed up速度的增加,加速
slow down减速
go down stairs
go downhill 下山
i'll go to the downtown


Once a year a race is held for old cars. A
lot of cars entered for this race last year
and there was a great deal of excitement
just before it began. One of the most
handsome cars was a Rolls-Royce Silver
Ghost. The most unusual car was a Benz
which had only three wheels. Built in
1885, it was the oldest car taking part.
After a great many loud explosions, the
race began. Many of the cars broke down
on the course and some drivers spent
more time under their cars than in them !
A few cars, however, completed the race.
The winning car reached a speed of forty
miles an hour--much faster than any of
its rivals. It sped downhill at the end of
the race and its driver had a lot of trouble trying to stop it. The race gave every-
one a great deal of pleasure. It was very different from modern car races but no
less exciting.

how fast did the winning car go?

enter for报名参加
a great deal of 大量的
a great number of
a great many
a large amount of
there was a great deal of excitement人们非常激动
break down车子抛锚
many cars许多车子
many of the cars 车子当中的许多
many students许多学生
many of my students 我叫过的许多学生
some pictures一些照片
some of the pictures那些照片中的一些
much faster快得多
a little faster快一点
any of its rival=any rival
any 在比较级中一旦出现,它往往要加可数名词得单数
Beijing is bigger than any city
如果是不定代词,可以说someone else,anyone else
如果不是不定代词,要在名词前加otherany other competitor
have trouble doing sth干...有麻烦
give sb pleasure
give sb a fraight
give me a fright你吓了我一跳
give you a surprise给你一个惊喜
give sb+n
be different from和...不同
no more和no less都表示和...一样,only,the same
there are no more than 100 students
not more;not less
not less = more
not more = less
not less exciting更令人激动
no less exciting一样得激动
no more than you 和你

be held for 比赛为...而举行
is held for the blind
a great deal of后要加不可数名词,表示大量得
have trouble doing做...很困难
have trouble in doing sth
not so...as不如
not as...as
take part in参加
take place=happen