lesson 57
madam n 太太,夫人
jeans n 牛仔裤
hesitate v 犹豫,迟疑
serve v 接待(顾客)
scornfully adv 轻蔑地
punish v 惩罚
fur n 裘皮
eager adj 热切的,热情的
hesitate to do sth
make up one's mind
without hesitation毫不犹豫
at your service
look down upon(on)
capital punishment极刑
be eager to do 急于做某事


can i help you,madam?

A woman in blue jeans stood at the win-
dow of an expensive shop. Though she
hesitated for a moment, she finally went
in and asked to see a dress that was in the
window. The assistant who served her
did not like the way she was dressed.
Glancing at her scornfully, he told her
that the dress was sold. The woman
walked out of the shop angrily and de-
cided to punish the assistant next day.
She returned to the shop the following
morning dressed in a fur coat, with a
handbag in one hand and a long umbrella
in the other. After seeking out the rude
assistant she asked for the same dress.
Not realizing who she was, the assistant
was eager to serve her this time with great difficulty, he climbed into the shop
window to get the dress. As soon as she saw it, the woman said she did not like it.
She enjoyed herself making the assistant bring almost everything in the window
before finally buying the dress she had first asked for.

do window shopping(表示在橱窗外面购物)
ask to do sth
dress sb 给某人穿衣服
i dress myself
be dressed in
the way 可以直接加定语从句,不需要引导词
i cooked in the way you taught me
with sth in hand 手上拿着
with great difficulty/trouble
he had a lot of trouble climbing into the shop window to get the dress
enjoy oneself
enjoy sth
enjoy doing
make sb do sth

key structures
at 表地点
off:1、away from 2、down from
in 后面加衣服,或颜色
with 表示具有,带有,拿有

special difficulties
let/make sb do sth
be made to do

multiple choice
else放在不定代词或疑问代词后面,who else anyone else
一定要放在被修饰词之前,the next day the other books
after 可以放在结尾,副词表达式:later
three days later three days after
before i've never seen it before