lesson 63

circle n 圈子
admire v 赞美,钦佩
close adj 亲蜜的
wedding n 婚礼
reception n 招待会
sort n 种类

admire sb for sth:因为...羡慕某人
i admire him for his richness/house/clever daughter/konwledge.
close friend
my best friend's
reception = party
news conference新闻发布会,记者招待会
type 种类,有特殊特征的
习惯用sort的时候:1、那种人that sort of person
that's the sort of thing you like best


Geoffrey Hampden has a large circle of
friends and is very popular at parties.
Everybody admires him for his fine sense
of humor--everybody, that is, except his
six-year-old daughter, Jenny. Recently,
one of Geoffrey's closest friends asked
him to make a speech at a wedding recep-
tion. This is the sort of thing that Geoffrey
loves. He prepared the speech carefully
and went to the wedding with Jenny. He
had included a large number of funny
stories in the speech and, of course, it was
a great success. As soon as he had finished,
Jenny told him she wanted to go home.
Geoffrey was a little disappointed by this
but he did as his daughter asked. On the
way home, he asked Jenny if she had enjoyed the speech. To his surprise, she
said she hadn't. Geoffrey asked her why this was so and she told him that she
did not like to see so many people laughing at him!

1、have a large circle of friends有一个很大的朋友圈子,交际很广
=sb has/have a lot of friends
he has a large circle of friends他有很多朋友
2、that is一旦插在句子当中,是作为固定结构,意思是那就是说
3、prepare sth后面跟内容有关系
prepare for sth后面不一定跟内容有关系
i am preparing a speech。
a little 稍微,有一点
be disappointed by因为某事感到失望
do as you are told按你被告知的做
5、why this was so
this 可以作主语,也可以作宾语
so 只能作宾语,只能放在动词后面
i think so
i hope so
i guess so
do so
i expect so
like to do 某一次
like doing习惯
see sb doing看见某人正在作某事
so many people
the sort of,the kind of的后面加单数
included 包含,把里面内容的一部分挑出来说
it was a great success

multiple choice
except for = apart from
apart from a few words,i do not know any French at all
a little少量,少许
与形容词或副词连用时,用a little
与名词连用时,用a little,little都可
何时用a little,何时用little,是由说话人的态度区分
i have little time
i have a little time
somehow i fell in the hole
somewaht=a little
think of考虑
think highly of高度赞扬