一. 激情(passion):英语学习中唯一理性的动力。
1. 学习语言需要激情。人生需要激情。成功需要激情。自信来自激情。
2. 激情造就天才
3. 运用激情的方式
二. 激情联想学习法在英语学习中的运用。
1. 用激情联想征服词汇。
l 词缀词根联想:说起来容易做起来难,若一旦掌握受益终生。/懒惰者勿用。/扩大高难词汇必用之秘方。
pos→put:"放" expose (ex<外面>expose 放在外面→暴露); impose (im<里面>→强加);depose(……)
l content contend consent bear dear fear gear hear near pear rear tear wear year
l 同族词联想:大量单词一脉相通。
如:forget→forgetful→forgetfully→forgetfulness→forgettable→forgetter→unforgettable 等。
l 同义词与反义词联想:
wild [waild] a.野生的,野性的(living in a natural state, not controlled by humans)
[联想] →(同)feral(a.凶猛的); barbarous(a.野蛮的)
(反)tame (a.驯服的); domestic(a.家养的)
[经典用法]wild wind 强风,wild guess 瞎猜,wild times 乱世
seat [si:t] n.座位; vt.使座下(a place to sit ;to let somebody sit down.)
[经典用法联想] →① have a seat/take a seat 就座
→②be seated/seat oneself/坐下
这里seat 是及物动词,联想→enjoy oneself 玩得开心:
dress oneself 给……穿衣
Chap(轻拍,拍手);slap(用手掌拍打);pat (拍打);wrap(包起来);pop(砰);
Pound(敲打);pour(泼);drop, chop, torpedo; sip(吮吸)……
"fl" →飞翔,流动等声音
fly; flow; flash(闪光)flame(火焰);flow(流动);flood(洪水);flu(流感);float(漂浮),fluid(流动性);flush(冲洗)
privilege; barbarous//
2. 用激情联想法快速突破英语口语
l 外教至上的误区。
l 独自无法练习口语的误区
l 随心所欲的误区
l 单一强化口语的误区
a. 快速联想与延伸
b. 地道口语的联想与运用
c. 精美口语句式的联想记忆
d. 独自锻炼联想(一册语音,背诵2,3册,大声跟读,模仿语调(WOA/BBC),独自讨论辩论法,高声描述法)
l Do you like music? What do you think of Madonna and Michael Jackson?
l What's the relation between the sports field and the battlefield?
l What do you think of the difference between the white-collar workers(白领工人)and blue-collar workers(蓝领工人)?
l What do you think of the saying "Wealthy man tends to be bad while a bad woman tends to be wealth"?
l Money can buy everything that you want.
l There's no true and pure friendship between man and woman.
l Capital punishment should be abolished.
l Health is wealth.
l Computer will control the human being.
3. 激情联想快速突破英语听力
l 速成论的误区。
l 一本教材突破听力的误区。
l 突击提高听力的误区
a. 长期的过程(经验),因为激情你不再苦闷,因为激情你豁然开朗!
b. 练习听力的最佳材料及时间
c. 提高听力的方法(电影、英文歌曲、周润发)
d. 精听与泛听。
e. 如何通过新概念提高听力。(不同版本及不同级别的运用)
4. "英语阅读"中的如何走出误区
a. 技巧论→泛读与精读
b. 阅读方法联想漫谈
5. 激情联想学习法在"英语写作"中运用。
a. 正确(初级)→多样化→美化(激情联想的运用)
I like music.
I am fond of music.
I am crazy about music.
I take great interest in music.
Music exerts tremendous fascination on me.
b. 形式三段论-内容三段论
c. 超级模仿好句型,语法重点尽在文中。
Nothing can be compared, he maintains, with the first cockcrow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures. NCE BOOK Ⅲ
Few things could be more impressive than the peace that descends on deserted city st

reets at weekends when the thousands that travel to work every day are tucked away in their homes in the country. NCE BOOK Ⅲ

三. 一套浓缩语言精华的教材,一种全新的英语学习理念
1. 一册(First Things First):学习英语的敲门砖。
ASSISTANT: Do you like this dress, madam?

LADY: I like the colour very much.
It's a lovely dress, but it's too small for me.
ASSISTANT: What about this one?
It's a lovely dress.
It's very smart.
Short skirts are in fashion now.
Would you like to try it?
2. 二册(Practice and Progress):构建英语的基石。
l No one could account for the fact that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. It suddenly occurred to one of the workers to open up the box. He was astonished at what he found.
Lesson 68 Persistent
I crossed the street to avoid meeting him, but he saw me and came running towards me . it was no use pretending that I had not seen him, so I waved to him. I never enjoy meeting Nigel Dykes. He never has anything to do. No matter how busy you are, he always insists on coming with you. I had to think of a way of preventing him from following me around all morning.
'Hello. Nigel.' I said. 'Fancy meeting you here?'
'Hi. Elizabeth.' Nigel answered. 'I was just wondering how to spend the morning---until I saw you. You're not busy doing anything, are you?'
'No, not at all.' I answered. 'I'm going to …'
'Would you mind my coming with you?' he asked, before I had finished speaking. 'Not at all,' I lied, 'but I'm going to the dentist.'
'Then I'll come with you.' He answered. 'There's always plenty to read in the waiting room!'
3. 三册(Developing Skills):掌握英语的关键。
Lesson 26 Wanted: A Large Biscuit Tin
No one can avoid being influenced by advertisements. Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste, we are no longer free to choose the things we want, for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us. In their efforts to persuade us to buy this or that product, advertisers have made a close study of human nature and have classified all our little weaknesses.
Lesson 60 Too Early And Too Late
Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs in civilized society. Without it, nothing could ever be brought to a conclusion; everything would be in a state of chaos. Only in a sparsely populated rural community is it possible to disregard it. In ordinary living, there can be some tolerance of unpunctuality.
4. 四册(Fluency in English):体味英语的精髓。
A man without an education, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adverse circumstances deprived of one of the greatest twentieth-twentieth-century opportunities.
(Lesson 41)
It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. Broadly speaking, human beings may be divided into three classes: those who are toiled to death, those who are worried to death, and those who are bored to death. (Lesson 58)
The only arguable plea for capital punishment is the right of society to retribution in this world with the prospect of life in another, but since what used to seem to the great majority of civilized humanity the assurance of another life beyond the grave has come to seem to more and more people less certain, a feeling for the values of human life has become deeper and more widespread.
(Lesson 60)
四. 如何掌握新概念英语:
1. 自学的误区
2. 突破新概念词汇: