The Dingle duo are seriously concerned that Jasmine's about to go doolally. 杰斯敏要去一个叫做 doolally 的地方吗?呵呵,不是的,doolally can mean "gone insane" or acting "mad" 。它是一个形容词,用来形容 someone who is insane,表示某人精神不正常,发疯的、疯掉了。

  Doolally 的起源

  据传驻扎在印度的一些英国士兵听说要撤军,便在码头高高兴兴地等待着重返故土。但等待的时间太漫长了,在历经数月的煎熬后,这些士兵终于乘船返回家乡。然而长期的心灵折磨 turned many a soldier insane, and the word doolally was coined,就这样,doolally这个新词产生了。

  起先doolally常常被用于"He's got the Doo-lally tap"之中,而现在我们更多地说 "to go doolally"。比如:My parents have suggested that I should move back home. I think they've gone doolally. 在澳大利亚,人们则说"Calm down, don't do your lolly"。


  A: Our boss wants this project finished by the end of today。

  B: She's gone doolally!

  A: Have you heard that Tracy is doing a sponsored parachute jump next week?

  B: Yes, I heard. She must have gone doolally. There is no way I'd ever jump out of a plane。

  老板叫人赶工,朋友要去跳伞的确让人觉得够疯狂。记住了,Someone has gone doolally. = Someone has gone crazy。

  此外,“疯狂、发疯”还有另一个潮语bonkers。Bonkers is a slang term, It means that you are crazy or mad, you have lost your mind,就是疯狂的,发疯的,失去理智的意思。

  记住了,You are bonkers. = You are crazy. = You have lost your mind。


  A: I think I need more exercise so I'm going to walk to work tomorrow。

  B: You're bonkers. You live over seven miles away from the office。

  A: I have a meeting with the boss tomorrow and I'm going to ask for a promotion。

  B: Really, you're bonkers. He'll never agree to that。

  步行好远去上班以及跟一成不变的老板提升职确实够疯狂的,可毕竟这些举动都比不过去玩跳伞和蹦极的人。I think you have to be bonkers to do a bungee jump. Tracy will do a sponsored parachute jump next week. 生活中,我们还是少点bonkers,少被人called bonkers比较好些吧。