English compliments to get you on anyone? good side!/用英语赞美别人博得好感! (中英对照 )



最简单说出赞美是他人最能接受的。例如:当最亲近的友人,你可以用不经易的口吻加上恭维像"I like your shoes"或"Nice haircut"。即使在一些社交场合你不能免去这样的开场白。只要找个有趣话题或者是事情就可以让人们的焦点集中。

在一些商业场合中,恭维话从不伤到人。假如是你的工作同事或伙伴的专案做得很成功,何不让他们知道他们的表现很优秀。对你的工作团队用简单一句适当形容词而你的恭维话是全然受用。偶然一句"great job!"、"nice effort"或"good work"在感情维系将产生意想不到的结果并且保持工作顺畅。

有些时你要尽量找出好话来说,三思而后言就不会出糗。例如:假如某人穿著一套极不值得恭维的套装,不能立即说它不好看。而换个方式像"that dress looks really nice",然后再加些真诚的意见"...but the black pants you wore last week were really, really amazing, you should wear them more often."



In some cultures, flattery may not get you anywhere, but in English-speaking countries, you might find that a simple compliment will take you a long ways. It doesn't take much, so keep on reading for a few easy and guaranteed ways to get on people's good side.

Finding the right compliment actually isn't as difficult as it seems. A little sensitivity, intuition and observation and youl be everyone? favorite person in no time.

The easiest praise to deliver is object-related. For example, while amongst friends, you can adopt a casual tone and drop compliments such as "I like your shoes" or "Nice haircut". You can't fail with one of these and often they can serve as good conversation starters in social situations as well. Just find an interesting object or thing to focus on and then concentrate on the delivery.

In business situations, compliments never hurt either. If one of your colleagues or teammates has done a good job on a project, why not let them know what a great contribution they have made. Simply use a positive adjective with a work-related term and your work compliment is all ready. An occasional "great job!", "nice effort!" or "good work" will work wonders for maintaining productive work relationships.

In cases where you struggle to find something nice to say, think twice before saying something you may regret later. For example, if someone is wearing an extremely unflattering outfit, don't tell them how bad it looks right away. Instead, start by saying something like "that dress looks really nice", and then launch into your true opinion "...but the black pants you wore last week were really, really amazing, you should wear them more often."

Lastly, one word of precaution for your future compliment endeavors: try to avoid certain sensitive topics such as weight or physical attributes. Even with the best intentions, these types of compliments might be misinterpreted. The last thing you want to do is congratulate someone on their impending pregnancy only to find out the extra curves are due to a few unwelcome pounds picked up over the past few months.

Again, focus on inanimate objects or things and most likely your flattery will be well received. Of course, a little sincerity in the delivery always helps and may just win you a compliment yourself one of these days!