Top tips for telephone English/经典电话英语 (中英对照 )



很多打电话的开头都是以一些礼貌的打招呼开始的,像是:Hi, how've you been? 或是Nice to hear from you。即使你正在谈要紧的公事时,对于一开头就谈公事而不是说些寒喧语是蛮冒失的。

事情总是要有重点,虽然当你想要善意的开开玩笑然后将话题拉回到公事上。像在这种情况之下,可以使用这个句子I'm just calling to ...来转开当时话题。例如:I'm just calling to see if you'd like to set up a meeting.但是如果情况又有转变,那你就要看看某人打电话给你的目的是什么,而将话题带到:So what can I do for you?

如果您正与一位滔滔不绝的人士谈话,对于get a word in edgewise或许困难的或者是您想要提供实质的谈话机会也如此。如果某人话题不断,然后你想要打断,记得要很有礼貌喔!例如:I would like to say something here, if I may 或者是Allow me to make a point

如果您在电话上要与人确认,您一定要在结束之时再重新重复刚刚的内容。藉由这些句子像是:Please let me confirm...及So, let me make sure I've got things straight...,重复内容来表明您已经了解了。

有些时候在谈话的部分里或许被视为是很模稜两可的!这也许是时候来表示一些祝福,就像是如果在适当时机,可以说一些 :good luck on that interview 或是hope you feel better soon。尤其是你也许想要确认任何你已经完成的计画:I'll see you on Friday, then.有些时候,很容易对其他人说一些像是很荣幸与他谈话的话。并且要记得有技巧的用这个字well可以使用在开头的句子来表示你已准备好结束这段谈话:Well John, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

If you're looking for a challenging situation to practice your English, just pick up the telephone. Not being able to see the person you're talking to and the body language they're using can make chatting on the phone one of the most difficult forms of communication. Never fear, though! We've compiled some tips to guide you through an average telephone conversation in English.

Every phone call should begin with a polite greeting such as, Hi, how've you been? or Nice to hear from you. Even if you're calling a business contact for a specific purpose, it'd be rude to jump right into business without a little small talk at the beginning.

Getting to the point
There always comes the point, however, where you want to move on from friendly banter and get down to business. For this situation, use the phrase I'm just calling to ... to transition to the topic at hand. For example, I'm just calling to see if you'd like to set up a meeting. If the situation is reversed, however, and you are waiting to find out why someone called you, you can guide the conversation by saying, So what can I do for you?

Interrupting without insult
If you happen to be speaking with a very talkative person, it may be difficult to get a word in edgewise or contribute to the conversation. If someone is going on and on, and you'd like to interrupt, be sure to do it politely. For example, begin with I would like to say something here, if I may or Allow me to make a point. Or, you could just ask: May I interrupt you for a second?

Confirming Action
If you're making plans on the phone, be sure to confirm the details toward the end of the call. Begin with phrases like Please let me confirm... and So, let me make sure I've got things straight... and follow up with the details as you understand them.

Closing the call
Sometimes this can be the trickiest part of the conversation! It may be the time to offer some good wishes, such as good luck on that interview or hope you feel better soon if it's appropriate. Additionally, you may want to confirm any plans you've made: I'll see you on Friday, then. Sometimes it's easiest to just say you enjoyed speaking to the other person. Also, keep in mind that strategically saying the word well at the beginning of a sentence can indicate that you are ready to end the conversation: Well John, it's been a pleasure talking to you.