Business Through Hollywood's Lens

  By Kiah Haslett

  For Hollywood, the world of business can be a vehicle for many kinds of stories, from morality tales to conspiracy theories to David-and-Goliath fables. Celluloid heroes and villains illustrate the best and worst of human nature and in the process, tell us a little something about greed, management, even capitalism itself.

  With that in mind, Bloomberg Businessweek asked deans at the top 30 U.S. business schoolsto name their favorite movies with a business theme or lesson and to explain their choices.

  For anyone contemplating business school, or currently enrolled in one, these picks serve as a kind of silver-screen curriculum on leadership, ethics, and the exercise of power. The list contains a mix of classic and modern films, documentary and fictional works, comedies and dramas.


  为此,《彭博商业周刊》(Bloomberg Businessweek)请美国30所顶级商学院的院长提名推选他们最喜爱的以商业为主题或从中能学到商业管理的影片并解释其推选的理由。


  1.      Moonstruck

  Year: 1987

  Starring: Cher, Nicolas Cage, and Olympia Dukakis

  Recommended by: Paul Danos, dean of Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business

  The character Cosmo Castorini, played by Vincent Gardenia, has the "hard sell" down pat, saying to a naive young couple: "There are three kinds of pipe. There's what you have, which is garbage—and you can see where that's gotten you. There's bronze, which is pretty good, unless something goes wrong. And something always goes wrong. Then there's copper, which is the only pipe I use. It costs money. It costs money because it saves money."


  主演:雪儿(Cher)、尼古拉斯·凯奇(Nicolas Cage)、奥林匹亚·杜卡基斯(Olympia Dukakis)

  推荐人:保罗·达诺斯(Paul Danos),达特茅斯学院塔克商学院院长

  推荐理由:文森特·加迪尼亚(Vincent Gardenia)饰演的科兹莫·卡斯特罗里尼(Cosmo Castorini)一角有着“超强的推销术”,他对一对新人说:“世上有三种管子。其中一种你们已经有了,这种很差,它出问题了能难倒你;还有一种是青铜色,这种还不错,除非某个东西出了问题;第三种就是我现在用的这种颜色更深的管子。它需要花钱买。它需要花钱买是因为它能省钱。”

  2.      Something Ventured

  Year: 2011

  Starring: Bill Bowes, Herbert Boyer, and Po Bronson

  Recommended by: Rich Lyons, dean of the University of California, Berkeley's Haas School of Business

  I recently saw Something Ventured by our alum, [producer] Paul Holland, which I really liked. It's about the history of the VC industry and Silicon Valley. As a documentary, it did a fine job of communicating what the founding actors of venture capital are really like. One gets the feeling that if this hadn't been captured like this today, it might never have been captured in this first-person way. Also, it's of personal significance since I grew up in the heart of the Silicon Valley. And while my family was not in the venture industry, several of my friends' families were. My early years corresponded

  《冒险之事》(Something Ventured),2011年

  主演:比尔·鲍斯(Bill Bowes)、赫伯特·博伊尔(Herbert Boyer)、珀·布朗森(Po Bronson)

  推荐人:里奇·里昂斯(Rich Lyons),加州大学伯克利分校哈斯(Haas)商学院院长


  3.      Inside Job

  Year: 2010

  Starring: Matt Damon, William Ackman, and Daniel Alpert

  Recommended by: Judy Olian, dean of the UCLA Anderson School of Management

  A shocking post-mortem of the most significant global economic crisis in decades, pointing to shared culpability across many financial institutions, government organizations, and business leaders.

  —Judy Olian

  《监守自盗》(Inside Job),2010年

  主演:马特·达蒙(Matt Damon)、威廉·阿克曼(William Ackman)、丹尼尔·阿尔珀特(Daniel Alpert)

  推荐人:朱蒂·奥利安(Judy Olian),加州大学洛杉矶分校安德森商学院院长