这盘重来(用于下棋)reset the board

  传染的 contagious

  否决 (n.)negatory

  叫外卖 have sth delivered

  否决某人 shout sb down

  晕倒 pass out

  脏的 stinking

  临时的 aluminum

  基本规则 ground rules

  备用品( n.) spare

  喋喋不休 whiny

  胸毛 chest hair

  打结(指Howard胸毛打结) mat

  鼻塞 congested

  他已经有妄想症了,不过他已经找到了地方呆着。He's paranoid, and he's established a nest.


  非常吃香的 highly sought-after

  强弩之末 dead end

  助学金 grand money

  从…偷渡 smuggle sb out of some place

  巧克力点心 ding dong

  社交能力 people skills

  摆一个宴会 put out a spread

  男主角 man of the hour

  催化剂 catalyst

  排斥 repulse

  物极必反 off-putting

  折磨我吧。Lay it on me.

  我有了不祥的预感。I sense a disturbance in the force.

  请随手关门。Please close it behind you.

  最多12年了。12 years, tops.


  洒…在…上 spile on

  庸俗的 tawdry

  拉风的 kick-ass

  我觉得… I move that…

  快开始吧(迫不及待的心情)fire away

  香草味的 vanilla

  提醒 heads-up

  打心理战 use psychological warfare

  尴尬的 awkward

  考虑到… …given that…

  说吧 proceed

  单挑单练 y mano a mano

  严正以待 nice and loose

  一鼓作气 come to play

  士气如虹 got your game face on

  奖杯 trophy

  放水 forfeit


  你把大家都弄得没兴趣了。You are taking all the fun out of it.

  我们必须以牙还牙。We must reply in kind.

  有时为了团队你必须得牺牲个人。Sometimes you've got to take one for the team.

  有点男人样,伙计。Sack up, dute.

  让我们直接开始。Let's jump right in.

  他哑口无言的。He's got squat.

  放马过来。Bring it on.



  彻底的 unmitigated

  洗车房 car wash

  烹饪知识 culinary science

  淘宝 sniping

  淘宝人 sniper

  撮合A和B fix A up with B

  言行 demeanor

  了解某事 pick up on sth

  我没多想一时定下的嘛。It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

  多丢人啊!How lame is that!


  你从哪里看出来的?What was your first clue?

  我今晚真是太强了。I'm on fire tonight.

  这个失败是显而易见的。That failure clearly stands on its own.


  吞噬 swallow up

  古怪的 quizzical

  用鱼叉捕鱼 spearfish

  闪开 back off

  把…推销出去 pimp sth out

  随便问问 catch up

  跟某人带话 pass along to sb

  收通行税的人 toll-taker

  开门见山地说 We'd be a lot further along in this.


  打住,就此收手 cut it out

  平手 stalemate

  没有共同语言 have no overlapping areas of interest

  闲谈 chitchat

  直接说吧 here's the deal

  无聊举动 frivolity

  DVD刻录机 DVD burner

  创伤 trauma


  普通话 mandarin

  假冒 pass off

  趁虚而入 cop a feel

  亲热一下 make out

  扔骰子 roll the dice

  怨妇 whinny and annoying

  喜欢某人 crush on sb

  第六感 psychic

  反胃的 nauseous

  搞砸 blow