在某方面糟透了 suck at sth

  彩弹枪 paintball

  (彻底)消灭,歼灭 annihilate

  暗算 frag

  融入她的社交圈 in the context of her social group

  尿床 bed-wetting

  展示 parade

  我周六有个派对。你们如果有空就来吧。I have a party on Saturday. So if you are around, you should come on by.

  注意了! Just heads up!

  我相信是时候采取行动了。I believe it's time for me to turn my head and cough.


  想法 notion

  留人过夜 (n.)houseguest

  袭击 marauder

  麦片 cereal

  随从 entourage

  主菜 entrée

  剩菜 leftover

  对牛弹琴 talk to a wall


  隐身 cloak

  睡得踏实。Sleep tight.

  我来说给你听听。Let me walk you through it.


  干涉 meddle

  比…更加重要 greater-than-average

  将听某人唠叨个没完 can't hear the end of sth from sb.

  调酒 mix drinks

  无糖可乐 diet coke

  续杯 refill

  无忧无虑 carefree

  摊牌 showdown

  带摄像头的电脑 a computer with a webcam

  喜悦与满足 hunky-dunky

  闹腾 obnoxious

  秃顶 vestigial tail

  我有(伸出触角)尝试。 I've got some feelers out. (夸张手法)

  周五我没问题!(即周五我有空)Friday works for me!

  我是认真的。Keep it real.

  看开点。Look on the bright sight.

  蚱蜢酒我相当在行。I make a mean grasshopper.

  你跳过。(意思是直接轮到下一个人)You're cut off.

  你到底想说什么?What are you getting it?

  别碍事。Back off.

  恕我直言… May I point out..

  你还顶嘴?Are you in denial?

  他脑子出什么毛病了?What's gotten into him?


  方便的 handy

  身材健美的 ripped

  吸取营养,排除毒素 take in nourishment, expel waste

  两面的(如衣服领带两面穿着) reversible

  取悦某人 impress sb.

  我鸡皮疙瘩都起来了。I've got goose bumps.

  容许我把问题阐述地更精确些。If I may drill down to the bedrock of my question…

  你千万别误会。Please don't take this the wrong way.

  我在可怜你。I was throwing you a bone.


  但你这样想,… read only this,…

  变态的 kinky

  (他)开窍了 personal growth

  亮相 showcase

  剧组人员 casting people

  经纪人 agents

  在某人熟睡的时候 in the middle of a rem cycle

  社交法则 social protocol

  最近活动 upcoming events

  指往下滚电脑右边的滚动条 scroll down to

  强项 strong suit

  消化不良 indigestion

  缜密的 exquisite

  难以识破的 convoluted

  谎言未被揭穿 lie is still in force

  干点不大光彩的事 hole up in a garage somewhere huffing paint thinner

  典型的 quintessential

  窘境 predicament

  帮某人收拾残局 clean up after one's mess

  感觉格格不入 feel like an outsider

  中产阶级父母 bourgeois parents

  字面上来说 subtextually

  热烈的场面(通常指表扬)a big turnout

  即将步入成年 on the cusp of manhood

        这是个契机啊!What a lucky break!

  你根本就没心情听我说话。You're in no state of mind to talk.

  我们要火烧屁股了。Our pants are metaphorically on fire.

  (演出)成功!Break a leg!

  我才不关心那个呢。That's the least of my worries.

  出发! Shortgun!