填字游戏 crossword puzzle

  半职业选手 semi-pro

  后代 offspring

  快餐店女服务员 fuddrucker


  身心俱疲 undergoing stress

  咖喱 curry

  争吵 scene, ex. She just wanted to avoid having a scene with him.

  (指防盗门上的)对讲机 intercom, ex. From the ~

  一目了然 fairly self-explanatory

  晚饭我请 dinner is no me

  我不在行 I'm no expert.

  Leonard吃玉米会不消化的。Leonard can't process corn.


  花生油 peanut oil

  老毛病 pathology

  备用钥匙 spare key

  吊装带 lifting belts

  胸大肌 upper-body strength

  香草味 vanilla

  啰嗦 chatty

  非常醉人 intoxicating

  小菜一碟 easy-peasy

  我去开门 I'll get it.


  很老套 very old school

  小事一桩 snap

  迷恋 infautuation

  防狼喷雾 pepper spray

  追求符合我这个层次的人 go after so my own speed

  刮腿毛 shave one's legs

  无师自通(的专家) self-taught expert

  在某事上纠结 quibble over sth

  看上某人 get one's eye on sb

  出汗 perspire

  陶艺 pottery

  还没恢复过来 have not quite bounced back

  近在眼前了。Just a few more feet..

  沉住气。Don't panic.

  站着别动。Stay frosty.

  各就各位。Lock and load.

  他是有点儿帅。He's kind of dreamy.

  我觉得你没戏。I don't think you have a shot there.

  或者看到人类受伤而袖手旁观?Or through inaction allowed a human being to come to harm?

  已经断网半个小时了。Internet's been down for half an hour.

  没刻在石头上(暗指某事可以变更)。It's not carved in stone.

  事情就这么水到渠成了。This thing is going the distance.

  这事情肯定会被搞定的。I' sure things will pick up.


  障碍物 roadback

  消除压力 kick the pressure off

  缠着某人 corner sb

  奇闻异事 anecdote(s)

  可信的 plausible

  取得了质的飞跃 make an amazing leap forward

  口感 vis-à-vis taste

  被解雇了 get canned

  刹车 brake

  高尔夫球场 putt-putt course

  成批购买 buy in bulk

  卫生巾 tampons

  更年期 menopause

  织披肩 weave serapes

  披风 poncho

  暴躁 crabby

  于某人吵架 fall out of sb

  大发脾气 have a fit

  慷慨 bounty

  回到人生正轨 get back on one' rocker

  水果派 cobbler

  猪油 lard

  欺负 ass-kickings

  先不提这个。Put it on a backburner.

  帮我抹一下(指在食物上涂酱)。Shmear me.

  这是我十年来的第一个假期,我要好好享受。This is my first day off in decades, and I' going to savor it.

  你今天怎么没去上班?How come you didn' go into work today?


  我现在在休假。I' taking a sabbatical.

  我不要对那种俗人低三下四。I won' kowtow to mediocre minds.

  她生理期到了。It' her time of the month.

  谢谢您匆忙赶了。Thanks for coming on such short notice.

  我的生活,我自己做主。Capable of living my life as I see fit.

  我老得盯着他。He' got my eyes.

  他很拗。He stubborn.

  他会一直呆到他满意为止。He may stay in there till the rapture.


  我的话是不是让他们紧张?Did I pluck a nerve there?

  你会吓着他的。You'll spook him.

  振作起来! Snap out of it!

  快点! Now, let' get crackin!

  出发!Let' shove off!

  我们没那么多时间。We'e losing daylight.

  我们可能一开始就没看对眼。We may have gotten off on the wrong foot.

  再说吧。We'l see.


  对…无能为力 be vulnerable to

  如果你还有兴趣,… If you'e up for it, …

  引诱 seduce

  求爱期,追求期 courtship

  清爽的饮料 refreshing beverage

  代我向某人问好 give my best to sb

  安慰 platitude

  我正好擅长口技。I happen to be a human beatbox.

  你疯了? Are you insane?