Shopping on the internet

1. 现在流行网上购物

2. 网上购物的利弊

3. 我的看法

Nowadays with the ever rapid development and increasing popularity of the information technology , shopping on the internet has been a fashion especially among the youngsters.

Online shopping has made our daily life more convenient and comfortable. For example , shopping on the internet can save students a great deal of time on the way between home and store, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work. The internet has shorten the distance between manufacturers and consumers and thus we can even buy goods in other countries .On the other hand , lack of the face to face deal makes online shopping less reliable and trustworthy. What’ s more the delivery will increase the risk of items’ damage.

In my opinion, shopping on the internet is a irreversible trend. More and more people will be accustomed to it. It will be much more popular in the near future. And at the same time we should take some measures to make it perfect.