She may be plump and big-boned but she acts like a delicate schoolgirl. Wearing 15-centimeter-high stiletto heels and a gaudy turtleneck sweater, she's a fashion queen in her own eyes.
她身材健硕,臃肿,却偏要装成娇弱女生。她脚踩15厘米的“恨天高”,身穿花哨俗气的高领毛衣,以 “时尚女王”自居。

She strips in a hotel room to woo her new boyfriend in front of her pal; she rolls on the ground in hysterics; and later throws up at lunch. But it's all outrageous, attention-seeking behavior.

Yes, she's an exhibitionist. But, strangely enough, people can't get enough of her.

Her name is Xiao Yueyue, or Little Moon, and she is arguably a fictional figure created in a post on Tianya.cn at 11:45 am on October 5.

A Shanghai-based writer, alias Rongrong, grumbles about how her holiday was ruined by the eccentric behavior of her friend, Xiao Yueyue, who spent two days at the Expo.

Full of weirdness and obscenities, the diary-style post got over 30 million hits and 80,000 comments within five days.

Special discussion groups, a fan base, comic strips and Xiao Yueyue inspired goods soon spun off from the online frenzy around a woman whose identity is still obscure.

The heartthrob, 150 cm tall and weighing 80 kg, is undeniable proof of the Internet's power to create instant celebrity. But compared to previous online sensations, namely Sister Lotus and Sister Phoenix, Xiao Yueyue has challenged the public's tolerance for ugliness and gross behavior.
身高150cm,体重 80公斤的“万人迷”小月月无疑再次验证了网络一夜成名的力量。但与之前的网络红人芙蓉姐姐与凤姐相比,小月月再度挑战了人们的审丑能力。

Gao Yingjun, the chief entertainment editor of Tianya.cn said: “The reason Xiao Yueyue has become a sensation is that she is really shabby and indecent.

"The writer vividly describes her in a way which arouses netizens' curiosity about privacy and profanity."

Tianya.cn has launched a survey, asking "if Xiao Yueyue was a drop-dead beauty, would you still love the story?"

Most respondents said no, according to Gao.

"We feel pressure everywhere. We need something to amuse us," said Fan Chaowen, 27, a sales manager in a trade company in Shanghai. He has been following the post since the holiday.

However, fans might suddenly find that their fantasy girl doesn't exist. Nosey netizens, as usual, have launched a search for the lady.

People began to doubt the stories' credibility. But the author insists they are true in an online interview on Sunday.

Insiders of online star-making say Xiao Yueyue is obviously just cleverly choreographed hype. "No matter whether she is real or not, Xiao Yueyue has already become famous. Bad news has wings," said Li Shuang, a Beijing-based online star promoter. "On the Internet, extremely nasty individuals are more likely to become famous than nice people.”"

In a survey on Tianya.cn, 68.5 percent of netizens said they simply enjoyed watching entertaining and amusing things.

"In normal circumstances Xiao Yueyue would be a loser. People get the same enjoyment reading about her abnormal behavior as they do watching Charlie Chaplin comedies," said Jing Tiankui, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

"Online sensations like Xiao Yueyue offend viewers' sensibilities to the extent that they are provoked into condemning her behavior, calling her names and feeling morally superior," Jing said.

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alias 化名
choreograph 精心策划
eccentric 古怪的
gaudy 俗气的
gross 粗俗的
grumble 抱怨
heartthrob 万人迷
hysterics 歇斯底里
obscenity 猥亵
outrageous 不合常理的
plump 圆胖的
profanity 亵渎的言行
spin off 创造新的事物
stiletto (女鞋的)细高跟
strip 脱去衣物
turtleneck 套领毛衣
woo 求爱