It seems as if there are not many skyscrapers in Britain. Is it true?And why is that? How many floors does the BBC building have?Are you satisfied to work in the building?

Maxine, China

Many Chinese tourists in London might find the buildings in London much lower than the ones in Beijing or Shanghai. Why hasn't London got many skyscrapers in its city centre?

In this programme William and Wang Fei interview Dr Nancy Holman, a scholar in City Planning at LSE, and try to find out the reasons. You will also have a chance to listen to many Londoners' different opinions about London's skyscrapers.

London's skyline

London's skyline

How many floors does BBC building, Bush House, have? What do William and Wang Fei think of their office building? Find out in today's programme.

You will also learn a lot of useful words and expressions about architecture and city planning.

很多中国人来到伦敦都会问同样一个问题:伦敦的楼房怎么这么矮?伦敦为什么没有很多高楼大厦呢?在本期节目伦敦政治经济学院的 Nancy Holman 将为您解答这个问题。当然您还会学到很多非常有用的关于城市建筑和规划的英语表达。千万别错过。