I am a big fan of the Premier League. What impresses me most is the fans' loyalty to their favourite teams. I want to know something about this football culture. How do they show their support and why do they support one team over another? Thanks.

Li Yan, China

Li Yan is a football fan in China and wants to learn more about the football culture in Britain. For a football-loving nation like the UK, this is going to be too big a topic to cover in one programme!

This first programme in a new mini-series looks at how footie fans in Britain support their favourite teams.

You will soon realise that there are different degrees of support for football. Most people watch the games during the football season or a big event like the World Cup. But some people are passionate to the point of obsession.

Chelsea winning the Premier League

Chelsea have won the Premier League and the FA Cup this year

Nicholas gives us a vivid description of a Chelsea supporter in his office. "Football is his whole life, it’s his whole lifestyle, it’s his heart, it's his heartbeat…"

You will also learn how to use words and expressions associated with football, including the following:

纪念品 souvenirs

奖杯 trophies

罚点球 penalties

挫折 upsets

失望 let-downs

To help you better understand key expressions on football culture try our quiz. Good luck and enjoy.