15. Easy and Difficult 易学的和难学的语言

A: People always say that Chinese and English are very hard to learn. Sometimes I wish I were learning French or Japanese. Maybe they'd be easier.
B: Maybe, but maybe not too. It all depends on what language you already speak.
A: Why should that be? What diffrence does it make?
B: Well, languages are more or less equally difficult. Most of the things one language says must be said by every language in some way.
A: You mean I could learn Chinese easily?
B: No, because your native language is Spanish. But Italian might be easy. It has a lot of words that are similar to words in Spanish. Even the sound systems are more similar than that of Chinese is to Spanish. How difficult a language is to learn depends mostly on how much it resembles your own language.

Sound system-the total arrangement of the vocal units of a language
Resembles-is like