Maggie Rodriguez: One of the hot new fashion trends is statement earrings. Celebrities like Kate Winslet wear them, and Anne Hathaway, and First Lady Michelle Obama at her husband’s inauguration. But heavy earrings like these can damage your earlobes. Doctor Alan Matarasso is a New York-based plastic surgeon.Good morning, Doctor.

Dr. Alan Matarasso: Morning.

Maggie: Do you think we’re sacrificing too much for beauty when we wear these?

Dr. Alan: Well, no, I think that if you use these prudently, they’re absolutely fine to use.

Maggie: Why would we even have to worry? What can happen to your ears, if you don’t use them Dr. Alan: Well, with prolonged use, or pulling on them, the ear can actually rip. The earring can pull right through the earlobe and create what we call a “cleft” in the earlobe, or stretching of the earlobe which makes it look older.

Maggie: If it rips, it sounds painful.

Dr. Alan: Well, it can be, and very often you’ll get a call where somebody’s taking off a sweater…

Maggie: Right…

Dr. Alan: …or playing sports, and it gets caught and pulls right through.

Maggie: Oooh…look at that. Is that permanent?

Dr. Alan: That is, and…and on one side you’ll see uh, the earlobe um…with, with the…stretching the hole in it, on your left, then it’s repaired and it’s re-pierced.

Maggie: Oh, repaired and repierced. Well, let’s talk about that, but first let’s talk about avoiding this to begin with. You say the causes of that are the weight of the earring, the length of time pierced, how and where pierced, the care taken, and the trauma.

Dr. Alan: That’s right. And of course, ya know, the size of the earring, um, people that get their ears pierced very young, it’s OK to do these things, but you need to use common sense about it. Don’t wear them all the time, take them out at night, don’t play sports events with them. Um, be careful with taking clothing on and off. These are the situations that can cause the ear to be pulled or ripped.

Maggie: And if you don’t do it the right way and you wind up damaging your ears, and you want the corrective surgery, what does that entail?更多信息请访问:

Dr. Alan: It’s relatively straightforward. What you’re doing is you’re cutting out the hole where the earring was, you’re re-sewing it up on both sides. You can then wear clip-ons for a while, and then about two or three months later, we actually will do it in the office, we’ll re-pierce the ear for you.