24EN Editor's Note:Cars kicked by camels and damaged by nut-wielding squirrels are among some of Britain's most bizarre insurance claims.

Other claims revealed by insurance company , motorists have cited naked pedestrian jumping on top of their car, as well as decomposing carrots smeared across the road.

One female driver managed to fill her tank with the wrong substance after mistaking shampoo for a container of petrol.

A Harrier jet was accused of an incident when a motorist reported his windscreen melted when the aircraft crash landed nearby and burst into flames.

Another windscreen was destroyed when by squirrel throwing a nut from a tree overhead.

Perhaps the most unlikely culprit singled out in the claims was a pile of decomposing carrots, which caused a driver to skid and lose control of his vehicle.

Although the stories may seem funny, elephant Managing Director Brian Martin said that they should serve as a caution to drivers to be "aware of their surroundings at all times". Some claims can be avoided simply by being aware both of what you are doing and what is going on around you at all times.

Among the incidents related by elephant, the car kicked by the camel or windshield cracked by a squirrel are examples of incidents that are unavoidable. The petrol tank filled up by shampoo is not unavoidable.