Need a raise? Try these tips.

Exceed their expectations. Even experts agree that essential to the advancement of your career is not only to do what is expected but to do an impressive output of the task that is given you. In other words, if you give more, you get more.


Follow instructions. Make sure that what you are doing is the one your boss wants to get done. You may be able to do the best job in the world, but if it is not the one your boss wants, it will hold no value.

执行指示。要确认你现在所做的是老板希望完成的。或许你有能力做出世界上最为出色的工作,但如果并非老板所需要的它便一文不值。  更多信


Maintain good rapport with your fellow workers and your other contacts in your field. Good rapport does not mean you have to entertain rumor mongering and flirting. Keep a neutral and civil relationship with your co-workers that is enough to keep you approachable yet maintaining the right amount of respect each person in the company deserves. The company will always remember you positively for your professionalism.


Keep your boss aware of your accomplishments. Often when an employee is not appreciated, it is simply due to a matter of lack of communication. Never underestimate the value of a written report of your accomplished tasks. They will come in handy.


Be decisive. The ability to make decisions when needed is a must. You’d be surprised that many workers don’t have this trait. They find it easier to pass the decision to the next fellow, because they cannot make a stand.


Be willing to take in responsibilities beyond your assignment in emergency cases. This does not mean you have to be a push-over. Make sure your boss approves of this if you need to go on a rescue mission to save a task a co-worker cannot handle. If you are young and aiming for a good future in your line of work in your present company, this is a very good gesture.


Continue studying to be well informed. Attend trainings and seminars to be well informed of the innovations in your chosen field. Develop your talents. Be useful in the community. Do not stop developing yourself. Someday, these will be mutually beneficial for the company, the community and most of all for you.