2009年6月英语六级答案 (A卷完整版)(恩波教育版)

1. B) enjoyed having the independence
2. A) hinders their healthy growth
3. D) somewhat mixed responses
4. A) promote sensible promoting
5. B) is much safer than before
6. C) their fear is amplified by media exposure of crime
7. D) their maturity and personal qualities
8. unsafe situation
9. anxiety
10. every moment


Section A
11. D) Fred may have borrowed a sleeping bag from someone else.
12. B) It will cool down over the weekend.
13. C) Hosting a TV program.
14. D) The plants should be put in a shady spot.
15. C) Go to bed early.
16. B) She has learned to appreciate modern sculptures.
17. A)
 They seem satisfied with what they have done
18. A)
 The man shouldn't hesitate to take the course


19 B
Domestic issues of general social concern.
20 D
Based on public expectation and ...
21 D) Professional qualification
22 A
Their average life span was less than 50
23 C
learn to use now technology.
24 D)
 When all people become wealthier
25 C
Contol environment


26. B)
28. C)
29 B)

36. tongue 37. official 38. administration 39 commerce
40 spread 41 disadvantaged 42 confidence 43 investigate

44. come to understand how it is used as a symbol of both individual identity and social connection  http://www.24en.com/

45. infants born into English-speaking communities acquire their language before they learn to use folks and knives

46. You are encourage to develop your own individual responses to various practical and theoretical issues

From TV and fashion magazines.

48. eating disorders

49. impossibly proportioned

50. three years

51. make money

52 B) efforts have been made to protect turtles from dying out.
53 D) The turtle's population has decreased in spite of human protection
54 B) Unregulated commercial fishing http://www.24en.com/
55 A) It threatens the sandy beaches on which they lay eggs.
56 C) call for effective measures to ensure sea turtle's survival.

57 C) College education is rewarding in spite of the starting costs.
58 D) The gap between the earnings of college and high-school graduates narrowed
59 A
save more on tuition.
60 D
consider college education a consumer product
61 B
A satisfying experience with their budgets

63. B
64. D
65. A
66. D
67. B
68. C
69. A
70. C
71. B
72. A
73. D
74. C
75. B
76. A
77. D
78. D
79. C
80. B
81. A

82. him out of buying a car
83. Keeping a sense of humor helps http://www.24en.com/
84. he had no choice but to confess the crime he had committed
85. there must be someone who is speaking ill of them
86. it hard to resist the temptation of ice cream

20096月英语六级作文范文(上海新东方 吴泽扬 汪中平)

According to the Bible, it is the almighty God who gave names to everything he created: "he named the light ‘Day' and the darkness ‘Night'". In fact, a name is a word or phrase that man uses to denote and identify a specific person, place or thing. There is no inexorable correlation between the sign and "the signified". For this reason, some claim that names are not so vital as they are supposed to be. However, I am fully convinced that they are of great importance.

Take the name of a person as an example. It is known to all that a person's name is divided into two parts: given name and surname. The given name is the name our parents assign us. We ourselves might change it later in our life. Usually, when a name is given, it contains a lot of information. Say, "li" in the name of some Chinese females shows that we wish them to "beautiful" while "wei" in the names of some males reveals that we expect them to be "great" in their future life.

As to the surname or family name, it is even more important, so important that some people may sacrifice their life for it. Originally, man had no such a name. But ever since a certain name was given, each member of the family carries it wherever he goes. Rather than merely a sign, it is the root from which we can trace back to our ancestor, the tie that helps bind us to other members of the same clan, the dignity most people hope to live for.

Apart from the name of a person, that of a place or thing is also significant in that it embodies history and culture. All in all, though names are assigned artificially, man is not free when giving names. But God is.















2009年6月英语六级答案 (A卷完整版)

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