(to continue ) "Mom, what do we do?" whispered Emily. 

"We're excited!" said Mom. "We look for the stable and find Jesus in the manger just like the angel said. Then we tell everyone about what we saw." 

"Listen everyone! I'm a very excited shepherd! I heard the special news that baby Jesus is born and He's in a stable with the horses and cows. He's going to be King." said Emily. "Let's dance and tell everyone!" 

"Yes, let's dance." said Mom. 

Bradley watched his mom and Emily dancing in the snow. He smiled as he watched Brian join hands with them. They looked like they were having fun. Suddenly, the car door opened and Bradley jumped with surprise. 

"Hello, son." said his dad. 

"Dad, you're home!" cried Bradley. "Oh Dad, I didn't think you would make it home tonight and I missed you so much!" 

"I missed you, too." said Dad. "We managed to get a flight to Calgary, but the planes quit flying because of the snow. My partner and I rented a car so we could get home. It took us six hours to drive to Edmonton but we made it!" 

"How did you know where we were?" asked Bradley. 

"Your mom, or perhaps I should say, the shepherd over there, left a note on the fridge. I think that those shepherds and the angel could use two wise men to pay them a visit. I even have gifts — hot chocolate and golden doughnuts." 

Bradley and his dad walked over to the happy group with their gifts. 

"Hark, we are two wise men bringing gifts. Can we join the party?" said Dad. 

"Dad!" yelled Brian and Emily. They ran to hug him. 

The family drank hot chocolate and ate doughnuts in the stable and Dad told the rest of the family how he got home. 

"We should sing a song." said Bradley. 

"What song?" said Mom. 

"Let's sing Silent Night." said Bradley. 

"Oh, that's a beautiful song." said Emily. 

The family joined hands and sang in celebration of the birth of Jesus. ( finished )