Whatever I am writing - is based on my personal experience with life. It’s just like life has become a book or certification for me. Similar I found with Mr. M K Gandhi "The Father of Nation? India". He wrote about his experience with truth. I am inspired because writing is best way to express all your feelings that you can’t do elsewhere.

   Till date? I am unmarried. I have just started my career as an associate consultant. I believe consultant acts as a confusing mechanism to a client. Provide options not a decision. Well I am straightforward and honest. I have doubt to what extend and how long will I continue with all falsehood of business. Anyway this is expression time.


   My elder sister is a center of my life. I never find absence of love, friendship or guardian till I am with my sister. Once I was far?  The first letter I learned was "L" and word was "Love". Even you start loving your age girl in your college days. It is becoming fashion! Get a bike? Girl friend is free. Cost is only petrol. You be at Canteen, no class, all types of festivals and days in campus.

    Sometime I was worried about my common man inside. I never did in my graduation. I had given lift only to one girl who was my enemy but by default she was a member of my industrial project study.

   Well I have not so many words to express my love and friendship. You generally express what you have rather you missed. Right?

   First of all I dislike thinking about love as any physical act. What we call romanticism. Romeo and Juliet? A Great Love Story. Well it was. But it is our style to misunderstand everything. (I may also do same thing!) But Thomas Moore says, "Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames." I 100 % agree with the statement.


   At this moment? I get another tragedy. Few of my friends were really in deep love. I don’t know its meaning please! Graduation was over. Those who were unable to create their future,including them too. There is a French proverb: "Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass." It is ok to love someone else if you know how to love yourself first! Understand love first. Love is not a girl for a friend and vice versa. It is not a feeling. It is not an attraction. Definitely love is not a time pass at all. 

   There is an edge in our region: "Never wait for bus, train and a girl. If you missed one, another will come." But Gentleman “What are you doing at all?" You have to catch one.

   It is really tough to define love for one. We all have different meanings of love. It depends on psychology of different minds. For any Road to Romeo? Seating on cross roads and looking passionately thinking all nightmare dreams is love. For any highly knowledgeable studying at college impressing classmates and taking city round just like a guide is a love. For any typical clerk marrying a caste girl and seating on seashore? Planning future having number of children is true love. So many examples!


   On the same situation Leo Tolstoy says "If so many men, so many minds, certainly so many hearts, so many kinds of love."

   Well let me express few words on my experience. My love is always based on expectation of true friendship. For most of people family love may be messy, clinging, and of an annoying and repetitive pattern. But it is not of my case. I find true meaning of love when I put my first step far from my sister.

   You know - Sisters touch your heart in ways no other could. Sisters share... their hopes, their fears, their love, everything they have. Real friendship springs from their special bonds.

   My weakness is I easily fall in love. And probably I love to write on love although I have been a poor unsuccessful story. But I am one of the luckiest fellows who have got love since birth in advance.


   I always look a person like my sister in a girl whom I love. Sorry I am attaching love with girl. Love has no physical entity. Still let’s take a girl, my age girl. 2-3 years above and down difference is ok. Out of my life’s six choices, most of which are "Salwar Kameez" (an Indian dress material) just like my sister. They were bold enough to talk at the same time able to understand situation. In short similar to my sister.

   What does it mean? We love people on the basis of some attributes. Even you check out with your experience. Most of us will agree with me finding same attributes or characteristics in a person whom we loved.


   I don’t know what is Love? I don’t know what is Friendship? I don’t know anything? I just want a person who can understand my feelings,my nature,my problems and me. If I want to meet her or if I want to talk to her, I don’t need a reason. Why do I insist to get my love that can marry me? because I will not need a permission of her husband if I want to talk to her.

   We rarely understand but always feel it that love,friend and marriage have least degree of control on over physical body rather our mind. Your love is your strength. It is the basis of your existence.

   "Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness that afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives." Says Bertrand Russell.


   Your love may hurt you any day, as everything that comes has to go. Even my sister will get married one day. My friend whom I loved said she wished to be, as friends rather love. I am happy because she talks to me whenever I need. I have not done anything for her. There are many people who dislike me where I have few people who like me without any reason.

   We always need to thank for giving such beautiful and kind relations in life. If you are in age of 12 to 28, you will feel it. Once you pass it, you will understand the reality that I don’t know yet.

   Well if you are meeting to your true love today, convey my best wishes!



   姐姐在我生命中很重要,和姐姐在一起,我从来没有缺少过爱情、友情和保护。可是我一走远后?从第一封信中我懂得的是"L", 而这个单词就是" Love "。甚至在你上大学时,你刚开始爱上一个比你大的女孩--这很时髦。买辆自行车?可女朋友是不花钱的,要花钱的话也只不过是花点汽油费。没有课的时候,你们或许在餐厅,或者是参加学校里的各种各样的节日庆祝活动。



   关键是我不喜欢有人把爱情说成是肢体行为的看法,那我们认为什么才是浪漫的呢,是罗密欧和朱利叶浪漫故事?他们的爱情确实是伟大的。然而,我们总是这样错误理解,也许,我也犯了同样的错误!托马斯·莫尔说:“浪漫的爱情只是一个虚幻。很多人到他们结束一段感情,或者是走向婚姻,或者是他们爱情的火焰熄灭的时候,他们才明白这个道理。” 我是100%同意他的这种说法的。

   这个时候?我又碰到了不幸的事了。我有几个朋友正在热恋,天那,我真不知道恋爱是什么东西!毕业过去了,可恋爱并不能够给他们的未来带来什么--还有他们自己。法国有一条谚语说:“爱情打发时间,时间打发爱情。” 如果你都知道怎么爱自己,那么再去爱别人的话,那当然很好了。谈恋爱不是一个女孩追一个男孩,也不是一个男孩追一个女孩。恋爱不是一段感情,也不是一种吸引,确切地说,爱情并不是虚度光阴。

   我们地区的一个地方有个说法是:“绝对不要为了一趟公共汽车,一列火车,或者是一个女孩而等待。如果你错过了,另一个会出现的。” 可是,绅士们你们看看,“你们正在做什么呢?”你们必须追到一个。