A Beautiful Memory
Er ... the loveliest house that I’ve ever lived in was one that I lived in with my grandparents when I was a child. And the name of the house was Crosslands. And I have some very happy memories of Crosslands.

It was, it seemed so huge to me as a child. And it had a lovely living room with a piano in it and a lovely sort of hall with lots of carpets and chests and antiques and so on. And there was a mysterious room, it was the drawing room, and we only used it on Sundays, or when the vicar came for tea, or Christmas Day or Easter Day, and I was - used to be amazed about this room because it had the best furniture in it but it was covered up with sheets - it was as if all the furniture was wearing clothes - and it seemed to me ridiculous that we couldn’t en- joy this beautiful furniture all the week through really.

And probably my favorite room was the kitchen. It had a lovely red flagstone floor, which was always highly polished, and an Aga, you know one of those big cookers that heats the whole room so it was always warm there, and there was a kind of clothes-horse above it that we used to hang all our clothes on, and it was just  - it was lovely. It was a very warm room with baked bread and - my grandmother used to make ice cream and we’d eat it in there and ... there was a vegetable garden leading from there so I spent a lot of time in the vegetable garden picking peas and eating them - my grandmother used to get really cross with me because I used to pick all the vegetables and the fruit for our meals and then I’d eat half of them, because they tasted so delicious coming fresh from the garden.
Now, I went back to it a few years ago and it was a big mistake. They’ve modernized it inside, they’ve got rid of those lovely old fire- places... have just gone. And they’ve knocked a wall down so the drawing room and the living room have become one big modern plastic kind of room.

But I think what upset me most about it was the feeling that the house had shrunk, it had become smaller and that my memory of this lovely large warm comfortable house had turned into an old house with modernized rooms inside it. And it taught me a lesson really, that you can’t go back on the past and recapture it. But there’s a beautiful memory there.

房子,在儿时的我眼里,感觉真是好大啊!可爱的起居室里摆放着一架钢琴,漂亮的大厅里有各种各样的地毯、柜子、古董等东西。还有一间很神秘的房间,就是会客厅,我们只在周日,以及牧师来喝茶、圣诞节或者复活节的时候才用它。里面有最好家具,却总是覆盖着东西―― 就好像所有的家具都穿上了外衣,因此,那时候我一直对这间房子很好奇。不过,令我感到荒谬的是,这么漂亮的家具我们却一个星期都不能连续享用。