Mrs. Blouse had been with the Johnson family for three generations. This was no mean feat for an article of clothing. She had survived the test of time; and though her colors were faded and her material worn thin, she was still loved through and through.

  Mrs. Blouse could never forget the day when Great Grandma Johnson had first discovered her on the clothing rack – it was love at first sight! GG had held her up to the light and laughed as she exclaimed, “this is the perfect blouse; I’ll never part with it.”

  Well, good ol’ GG hadn’t quite lived up to her word. After years of garden parties and beach picnics GG had passed Mrs. Blouse on to her daughter, Grandma Johnson. This was the beginning of a difficult season. The special attention that GJ gave her made the other clothing jealous! Ms. Skirt and Mrs. Scarf were particularly mean towards her. Eventually, they even managed to turn Ms. Undergarment against her!

  GJ often wore Mrs. Blouse on special occasions; this was an encouragement for Mrs. Blouse in light of all the ridicule she endured. In fact, whenever Mrs. Blouse was feeling depressed she would turn to her memories: walking through the park with GJ on the first day of spring, feeding the new baby together, or just baking cookies in the kitchen.

  Today Mrs. Blouse was again being passed on to another family member! Mrs. Blouse was both excited and nervous – how would Mrs. J and her current clothing treat her?

  Much to her delight, the new clothes accepted her with open arms! She discovered that some articles of clothing had been with the family for five generations – Great, Great Grandpa’s winter coat! They hit it off together and were soon swapping stories of the good old days. The other garments listened eagerly. This new season would bring joy once more!








  exclaim v. 呼喊;惊叫

  jealous adj. 妒忌的

  ridicule n. 嘲笑;奚落