Diogenes was a famous Greek philosopher of the fourth century B.C.,who established the philosophy of cynicism.He often walked about in the daytime holding a lighted lantern,peering around as if he were looking for something.When auestioned about his odd behavior,he would reply,"I am searching for an honest man."

    Diogenes held that the good man was self-sufficient and did not require material comforts or wealth.He believed that wealth and possessions constrained humanity's natural state of freedom.In keeping with his philosophy,he was perefectly satisfied with making his home in a large tub discarded from the temple of Cybele,the goddess of nature.

    This earthen tub,called a pithos,and formerly been used for holding wine or oil for the sacrifices at the temple.

    One day,Alexander the Great ,conqueror of half the civilized world,saw Diogenes sitting in this tub in the sunshine. So the king,surrounded by his countries,approached Diogenes and said,"I am Alexander the Great."The philosopherreplied rather contemptuously,"I am Diogenes,the Cynic."Alexander then asked him if he could help him in any way."

    Yes,"shot back Diogenes,"don't stand between me and the sun."A surprised Alexander then replied quickly,"If I were not Alexander,I would be Diogenes."